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Prevent Weight Gain Over Christmas With My Top 6 Tips


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Christmas is my favourite time of the year for so many reasons. I love chilling out in front of a warm, glowing fire, eating treats, playing board games, and spending time with precious family and friends. . . to name but a few. Whilst Christmas should always be a fun, and a happy time of the year, it’s also an easy way to pile on pounds!

Not fun?

What if I told you, that you could still have enormous amounts of fun and consume treats, without gaining a load of tummy roles, and having to buy a larger pair of jeans in the new year? Well here are my top 6 tips to Prevent Weight Gain Over Christmas so you don’t end up feeling like a stuffed Christmas Turkey!

1) Exterminate Body Fat by Playing Games

If your moving your burning more calories right? So choose games which are active and fun. Here’s 3 ideas . . .


twister to burn body fat

Guess how many calories Twister burns over 30 minutes?


Which is the equivalent of . . .

Prevent Weight Gain Over Christmas With My Top 6 Tips


Charades burns 100 calories for every 20 minutes! The equivalent of 3 Celebration Chocolates.

Prevent Weight Gain Over Christmas With My Top 5 Tips . . .

 Nintendo WII

Playing active games like Tennis & Boxing can burn 125 calories in 15 minutes

Prevent Weight Gain Over Christmas With My Top 6 Tips . . . - Fat loss tips - Nick sCREETON

Remember this little Rhyme . . . .

If your movin . . . ya losin!!!

If ya sittin. . . you aint fittin . . . . into any of dem clothesss in January!

2) How to Avoid a Santa Beer Belly : Making Better Alcohol Choices

Prevent Weight Gain Over Christmas With My Top 5 Tips - Personal Trainer help - custom meal plan. . .

I’m sure most of us have experienced that Mr Blobby feeling after a few bevvies, it can also make you gain body fat faster than you can say . . . I’ll have a Jack Daniels and Coke please mate! Better Festive choices would be:

  • Light beer; at 110 calories per standard drink, a much better option than regular beer.
  • Red and White Wine; 70-110 calories depending on the level of sweetness. Choose drier varieties for less calories.
  • Champagne; 84 calories
  • Spirits (80 proof); Gin, rum, vodka, whisky , tequila, brandy and cognac all come in at around 65 calories, but beware of high sugar mixers that can seriously increase this.

You can also order Low Calorie Beers, Wines, and Champagne from . . . SKINNY BOOZE

3) Were onto a winner . . . A Christmas Turkey Dinner!

Did you know the average Brit consumes a whopping 7,000 calories on Christmas day (with your recommended daily allowance already reached by 2pm!) That’s crazehhhh! Madness! Here are my top 5 Christmas Dinner Tips to reduce a Tummy Role Pile Up . . .

  • Add in more slices of meat
  • Double up on Vegetables
  • Reduce roast potatoes by half
  • Reduce Yorkshire Puddings.
  • Healthier alcohol choice (see above)

4) Are You Augustus Gloop?

Fat loss over christmas - fitness blog - fitfam

So you overindulge a little over Christmas, that’s cooliooo, nothing to worry about really but don’t let 3 days turn into a 7 day Augustus Gloop binge! If you do this your setting yourself up to gain a ton of bodyfat, cr*ppy moods, poor sleep, bad skin, to name but a few. Select 2-3 days of relaxed eating, and use the tips in this article.

5) How to Burn 100 Calories Over Christmas Without Really Trying . . .

  • 45 minutes of grocery shopping, pushing the cart. Not chilling whilst your partner does it!
  • Hoover the house : 25 minutes.
  • Dance to music for 20 minutes. Cliff Richard and the Spice Girls do it for me.
  • Wash your car for 30 minutes.
  • Play outside with the kids for 20 minutes.
  • Laugh for 20 minutes.
  • 40 minutes doing the dishes.
  • Rake up leaves in the yard : 25 minutes

6) Santa’s Little Helpers . . .

christmas fat loss - lose weight over crimbo tips

If your like most your body will be greatly inflamed over Christmas, you may experience stomach aches, cramps, fatigue, interrupted sleep and brain fog. I would strongly recommend purchasing some supplements to give your body essential vitamins and minerals it needs to keep the cogs spinning efficiently.

Priobiotic (2 a day) – promotes’ gut health and healthy bacteria

gut health - bulkpowders - probiotic - healthy gut - fitness blog - fitfam

Multivitamin (1 a day) – Vital Vitamins for your everyday bodily fuctions

Omega 3 (2 a day) – to reduce inflammation, and swelling

Well . . . There you have it. I hope you have enjoyed and learned a thing or two from ** Prevent Weight Gain Over Christmas With My Top 6 Tips ** If you all take at least 1 thing away with you from  this article it would make my Christmas. That’s why I write these articles to try and help steer you in the right direction. If you have benefited from this article in anyway, could you please ‘Like’, ‘Share’, or ‘Comment’ (see below). If you have any question about the article please leave your comment below and I will get back to you. You can also contact me directly regarding Personal Training & Custom Meal Plans by CLICKING HERE

Thank you all, I hope you have a fabulous Christmas, enjoy yourself, have fun and keep smiling!


Nick Screeton - LEP Fitness - Sheffield Personal Trainer