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Pros and Cons of the ProForm ZT6…

Pros and Cons of the ProForm ZT6...

When summer is so close, you know that you have to start working out again. However, even if you admit that you are too lazy to leave the house, this does not mean that you cannot buy your own gym equipment. You can start your physical exercise whenever you want, working out from the comfort of your house.

The ProForm ZT6 Treadmill could become your new friend. If you are looking for additional information about this treadmill, keep on reading. We will provide you with a list of pros and cons which can help you decide whether you will make some room in your house for this fitness equipment. Also read a more in-depth ProForm ZT6 Treadmill review to find out about the main features, reports and ratings of the product.

This is an affordable treadmill produced by the fitness equipment manufacturer Icon Fitness. The treadmill is available at an entry-level price even if it has exquisite features. Joggers and walkers would be pleased to use this product that has an ample tread belt and a commercial grade motor. Furthermore, you can always fold her to spare some space.

Pros of the ProForm ZT6

This treadmill has a Commercial-grade Drive-Motor of 2.5CHP Mach-Z. No matter how hard you work out, the motor will remain cool, offering a high level of inertia. Hence, your workout will be smooth and quiet while the motor supports heavy use. The deck of this treadmill has ProShox cushioning. The model features 4 shock absorbers beneath the deck.

The advantage here is that the combination reduces stress on the user’s joints by 28%. Therefore, you will enjoy a faster recovery time and do longer workouts. The ProForm ZT6 features 18 built-in programs. These fitness programs enable different exercises with different intensity and varied purpose. Five of these programs rely on speed, other five are endurance-based, five programs focus on incline and three are destined to weight loss and calorie burning.

Users can adjust the incline of the treadmill. The angles can vary between 0 and 10%. When working on an incline, you increase calorie burn and target muscle toning. You can manually adjust the incline by opting for the desired Quick-Incline control button. The treadmill features a 5-inch Backlit Display. This shows calories burned, incline level, distance, remaining time, workout speed and ¼ Mile Track.

The ProForm ZT6 treadmill also features a heart rate monitor. The pulse grip sensors incorporated into the handlebars help you monitor your pulse rate as you work out. Hence, you can train according your target heart-rate zone.

Cons of the ProForm ZT6

Even if it has plenty of advantages, you should also take a look at the least pleasant parts to make sure whether you purchase it or not. One of the drawbacks is that the motor seems to lack power. Joggers and walkers won’t notice that since the treadmill has the suitable characteristics to meet their needs. However, if you want to run really fast, you should consider another treadmill that has a more powerful motor.

The treadmill is only 55” long, being more suitable for people who are under 6’4”. In case you are taller than this, you should search for another treadmill. You should also know that this model is not iFit compatible. When it comes to the heart rate monitor, you will be disappointed to see that it only has a pulse grip heart rate monitor. The treadmill does not feature a chest strap heart rate monitor.

Another disadvantage which could really help a potential customer decide is that the treadmill does not allow users to create their own exercise programs. Furthermore, the warranty for labor and parts may be a little short, amounting to only 1 year. The warranty for this model covers a lifetime when it comes to the frame and 25 years on the motor. It is a pity that the treadmill is not designed for expert runners.

All in all, after looking at all its parts and properties, the ProForm ZT6 is a good running treadmill. You can easily workout to reduce body fat, burn more calories and stay in shape. Nevertheless, if you are an experienced runner, this treadmill may not be useful for you. You will need one with a more powerful motor.

This treadmill is perfect for cardio training and stamina. If you do not mind it lacking iFit and a chest strap heart rate monitor, then be sure that this is a great choice. It has great value for the money you pay and you will also be pleased with the warranty package.