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Protein: What Is It and Where Can I Find It?


As soon as you start looking into exercising, toning up, and building muscle, you’re likely to encounter the same word time and time and again: protein.

You’ve probably gathered by now that protein is an essential part of your journey to living healthily and looking good. So, it’s time that you know what it is. After all, what’s the point in consuming something if you don’t fully comprehend what it’s (quite literally) bringing to the table?

Generally speaking, there are two types of proteins: complete and incomplete. “Complete proteins” are amino acids. These form protein. There are twenty different amino acids that can form a protein and there are nine of these that the body can’t produce on its own. These nine are called “essential amino acids, ” and it’s important that you get these into your body through your diet.

Now, we’re all aware that you can find protein in meat. But meat isn’t necessarily very good for you. Studies on red meats, in particular, have found that they could be associated with heart disease, certain types of cancer, and diabetes.

So where else can you find protein? Read on to find out…

Powders, Bars, and Spreads

protein powder

For a quick hit of protein, you’re best reaching for products from a specialist protein brand such as Sinister Labs. Companies such as this have developed protein packed powders, bars, and spreads. The powders can be mixed with water to make quick drinks, or added to smoothies and shakes. The bars are great for on the go, and the spreads can be put on toast or eaten by the spoonful.


soy protein

Soy is a complete protein that is rapidly gaining popularity thanks to its newfound accessibility on the market. Food companies have taken demand from the increasing numbers of vegetarians and vegans around and are now producing all sorts of soy-based drinks and foods and distributing them to a whole host of grocery stores. This is positive, as it means that you don’t even have to go out of your way to find it!

The most common type of soy product is tofu, which can be chopped into chunks and seasoned to make a wholesome meat substitute. Try to find the firmest tofu possible: the more compact it is, the more protein it will contain.


The most common and easily accessible form of mycoprotein is found in brands such as Quorn. Like soy, this is now widely available. This was a product originally developed to combat world hunger and food shortages. The products use eggs to bind the products, but the brand has recently stretched out into developing vegan products. So there’s a form of mycoprotein suitable for most!

Protein is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, especially if you’re going to be working out and developing your fitness. So make sure you incorporate plenty of it into your diet. Powders, bars, spreads, soy, and mycoprotein are just a few sources to consider, but there are plenty more out there for you to consider!