LEP Fitness


Pumping Iron = Therapy


Who’d have thought lumping around chunks of iron could give a human so much satisfaction?

The gym room, that if used properly forces our bodies to produce ‘feel good endorphins’ which surge around our blood faster then Usain Bolt on Red Bull!

When you think about a gym in its most basic form…

All you have is a bunch of iron, and machines (which look like transformers!) and make beeping noises!

How can such a place provide so much happiness, health and vitality?

Sounds absurd doesn’t it?

The gym gives me so much pleasure, at times more than anything on the planet.

It’s a chance to connect mind, body and spirit and invest in quality ‘YOU’ time.

99.9% of the time I leave the gym feeling better: stronger in mind, body and spirit. My mood is lifted, I’m more confident and feel as though I’m better equipped to tackle the obstacles of life.

Instead of spending money on: clothes, gadgets, alcohol, food,


Instead of spending time on: social media and watching TV

Go invest some quality time working on you and your body.

You’ll feel frickin awesome for it!