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It was such an effort to get up this morning, my head literally felt as though i’d been punched repeatedly by Conor McGregor, my neck was stiff (a kind of whiplash feeling), my eyes were puffy (as though someone had injected them with water!) – basically I felt friggin shattered… beyond belief!

I woke up at 1am this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep until around 3.30am! my annoying alarm went of at 6am! Great I got 5 hrs and 30 minutes of interrupted sleep (Get the Violins out please!)

I haven’t had a rest day from the gym in 3 weeks, i’ve been working extremely hard on my business and helping those in the LEP Tribe fulfil their goals.

My problem is i’m a warrior and will give everything i’ve got – I’ll be the last man standing. Although i’m proud of my mental attitude, at times I need to take a back seat and pull back otherwise my performance declines.

I’ve been to ‘planet burnout’ many times and thankfully I know when I need to put my feet up and take some rest days.

The last few mornings i’ve found my mind drifting, i’ve felt sorry for myself and a bit down in the dumps – a clear sign of fatigue and exhaustion.

This morning however around 7am I had a revelation, something clicked in my mind…

How the heck can I moan and feel sorry for myself!!!

  • There are mothers with new born babies who got less sleep than me last night!
  • There are people dying for some work to pay the bills and i’ve got the most amazing job ever.
  • There are people who wont wake up at all today, their families will be devastated and i’ve been fortunate enough to see another day.

How the heck can I moan about a little headache!

Within a flash of having these thoughts I suddenly felt revitalised, I had a mindset shift, I put things into perspective. Instantly I realised my life is pretty ‘frickin’ amazing and i’m lucky to have these ‘so called’ problems!

Moral of the story…

It can be easy to lose sight of how lucky you are. I think most of us work too hard, we fail to rest, and are overly stressed. Rather than feeling hard done by…

The simple answer is to think about all those who are far less fortunate than you. Those who’s predicaments are far worse than yours. Combine this with some relaxed downtime – go for a walk, read a book, book a holiday, have a bath, take a few days to chill out… and you’ll soon be back to full strength.

As I write this sentence it’s 7.23am Friday 20th May 2016. The sun has just come out and all of a sudden…

I’m feeling pretty good about life.

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