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Quit Hanging Around! Life’s Too Short…

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Don’t moan at the results you didn’t get because you didn’t put in the work.

You are 100% responsible when it comes to how you deal with life.

Results do not come to you. You have to go to them. You have to earn them.

Life waits for no one. Life is short. Life at times is tough.

We all go through similar stuff; thoughts, feelings, life, death, happiness, sadness, ups, downs, boredoms, insecurities, not knowing, the list is endless.

What makes successful people successful is not money in their bank account, or a sculpted 6 pack.

It’s the ability to take action, be humble, constantly seek to be better, to read, listen, watch, learn, get back up from set backs, and adapt to the sh*t that life throws at you (which it will)

Quit hanging around.

Life is short.

You get one shot.

You are strong, powerful and have the capacity for greatness and you need to start believing that sh*t

Do the work.

Make some good sh*t happen.

nick screeton owner of LEP Fitness - personal trainer based in sheffield