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Rachel Loses 56 lbs! Here’s how we did it…

Rachel Loses 56 lbs! Here's how we did it...

High five to LEP member Rachel, who’s lost a whopping 56lbs (4 stone!). It’s been an absolute pleasure working with her and i’d like to share her success story and talk about how we did it…

#1 Calorie Deficit

For those of you who follow my work you’ll no how much I talk about creating a ‘calorie deficit’ for weight loss. This is the number one priority. Unless you are in a net energy deficit you will not lose weight.

With Rachel we’ve focused on neatening up her diet, nothing too drastic, there’s still been wine, meals out, etc. We’ve just monitored overall calorie consumption in the diet and looked at how many calories have been burned through exercise.

#2 Personal Training

To start with Rachel was training with me 2x per week, we did this for 6 months, over the last 3 months we’ve dropped down to 1 session per week. We have focused on improving overall fitness and strength.

The aim (as with most good programmes) has been to push further and improve each week, whether that’s lifting more weight each session or completing more reps. In order for the body to keep improving you have to keep pushing it further. Tracking workouts, and logging lifts is imperative. Exercises chosen have included: lunges, squats, DB clean & Press, lots of plank variations, and plenty of compound movements.

#3 Gym Sessions

As well as working with me, I’ve also designed a gym plan for Rachel to follow. To start with it was 2 sessions with me, and 3 gym sessions each week. The gym sessions last 30-60 minutes and combine cardio and weights, similar to our coaching sessions.

#4 Running

Although i’m not usually a fan of running, due to the high impact nature and increased risk of injury – Rachel loves running and has set herself a goal to do a half marathon in June. Recently Rachel has been running 3-4x per week, seeing me 1x per week and then going to the gym 1-2x per week.

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