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Grow Your Personal Training Business with these 3 Key Marketing Tools…

Rapidly Grow Your Personal Training Business with these 3 Key Marketing Tools…

There are personal trainers appearing everywhere and competition is at it’s highest. In order to stand out from the crowd and grow your business you must go the extra mile!

In this post i’ll be sharing 3 Key Marketing Tools which will help you cultivate a larger client base and keep your customers happy so they come back for more!

#1 Website 

online personal trainer

There are over 3 billion people who use the internet – in my opinion you simply can’t afford not to be online! Whenever you want to look for something what do you do? Chances are you search online… “personal trainer sheffield” or “holidays in the Caribbean”.

Having a website gives you a presence online and a place for people to visit to find out more about you and how you can help them. You can add customer testimonials, links to your social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc), add videos, start a blog, the opportunities are endless!

Of course like anything you can spend thousands of pounds building a website, however there are more economical ways when starting your personal training business. For example with Wix you can build and maintain a nice looking website for less than £8 per month!

#2 Customised T-Shirts 

When you walk around the gym you are advertising your business, people are watching you and one of the initial things that you will be judged on is your appearance.

As a personal trainer you should take pride in your image and look professional, and one of the ways to do this is to wear a nice looking t-shirt with your company logo on it. You could also add your website on the back so customers can find you online.

I’d recommend ‘bulk t-shirt printing’ so that you have more than one. I have 10 of the same t-shirts, which keeps the quality high and saves me using the washing machine all of the time!

Another nice touch, and one which I would highly recommend is buying t-shirts in bulk for your clients. For example I order t-shirts and give them to clients as a ‘thank you’ and also another way to market my business (see image below)

personal trainer sheffield - sheffield personal trainer

#3 Business Cards

Being a personal trainer is a very sociable job, you are speaking to clients all day and when you are trying to grow your business you have to approach people and start up conversations.

One of my favourite ways of approaching people in the gym is to politely go up to them and provide some free help. I’ll ask them how they are getting on with their training and if there’s any questions I can help with. It’s amazing how many clients you will attract by just being polite, friendly and approachable.

That said after the conversation has ended you need to give the person something tangible so they can remember you and have a way of contacting your business e.g. a telephone number or e-mail address. One of the best ways to do this is to get professional looking business cards.

On the business card I’d recommend including your: logo, phone number, e-mail, location and either your company slogan or the main service you offer. Make-sure your business card is sleek and looks professional, you want to leave a good impression when you hand it over to prospective clients.

Thanks for reading,

Nick 😉