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Recommended Nootropics for Fitness Professionals…

Recommended Nootropics for Fitness Professionals

Nootropics have been getting a lot of attention for the mental and physical benefits they show. Once someone knows what nootropics are, the next question is usually which nootropics will help them.

So, what’s the best nootropic for fitness professionals?

Believe it or not, fitness professionals have not one but many options when it comes to a boost from nootropics.


To start, let’s take a look at a nootropic you are probably already familiar with: caffeine. You are probably already familiar with the energy-inducing effects of caffeine. This is caused by the interaction of caffeine with adenosine binding in the brain.

Caffeine as a nootropic isn’t the same as the energy boost you’d get with a soda or coffee, though. These caffeine sources are unstable and, aside from being rather unhealthy sources, provide a crash that can inconvenience fitness professionals more than help them.

When caffeine is used as a nootropic, it is used in forms that aren’t inducive to these crashes or jitters, anxiety, or insomnia.

One great source of helpful caffeine is Yerba mate. It offers just as much caffeine as coffee does but it isn’t as unstable thanks to other compounds in the plant. It’s also a great choice because it offers a mood boost alongside its caffeine effects.

Green tea is also a good alternative. Not only does it offer an energy boost, but it also contains L-theanine, which promotes relaxation. This means that you won’t suffer the anxiety you might get from other caffeine sources.

Rhodiola Rosea

If you need a little motivation and energy to get yourself to your training session, an herbal nootropic Rhodiola Rosea might be just what you’re looking for.

This plant hails from the mountains of Europe and Asia as well as the Arctic in high altitude regions. It’s been used throughout history for a variety of symptoms including anxiety, anemia, fatigue, headaches, and stress. Now, it’s more popularly used to deal with energy, stamina, and strength.

This is a rather powerful nootropic that some find works well on its own rather than needing to be stacked with other nootropics. Many people appreciate the fact that it not only helps them feel more awake and energetic but mentally clear as well.


Modafinil is often one of the first synthetic nootropics discussed when the topic comes up. Much like other nootropics we’ve look at here, it will help you to feel more alert when it’s taken. Yet, it doesn’t do this by making you as physically energized as something like an energy drink might. This means you won’t have to worry about being jittery.

Instead, modafinil is more known as a wakefulness promoting agent. It helps you to feel more awake in the sense that it will reduce fatigue. Because of this, modafinil is sometimes presribed to aid patients dealing with narcolepsy.

This can help you get to that training session that you need to get to or have the energy to teach a class. Unfortunately, if you are a performing athlete, you might want to stick to another option on this list as the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has modafinil on their list of banned substances.


Noopept is another wakefulness option that won’t leave you feeling over-energized. It should be noted that noopept can leave you feeling jittery if you take too much. Due to this fact, it’s a good idea to stick to the recommended dose. This is usually around 3 mg to 5 mg but can be taken a couple times a day if needed.

If you are familiar with nootropics, noopept is structurally similar to those you would find in the racetam family. Due to this chemical similarity, for the best results, many users also stack a choline source with noopept. This will help you avoid the burnout that extended noopept use can cause without a choline source.

The best thing about noopept is how quickly you’ll feel it take effect. Most people notice changes in how focused and clear they are only a few minutes after your first dose.


Adrafinil, as the name suggests, is a cousin of modafinil. Adafinil is slightly less potent as modafinil, so if you aren’t looking for quite as strong an affect as modafinil, adafinil is a great choice. It is also easier to find and purchase than modafinil since it doesn’t require a prescription while modafinil does in some places.

Adrafinil is something that needs to be taken ahead of the time that it’s needed because it does take a few hours to take effect. Because of this delayed effect, some users like to take adrafinil when their first alarm goes off before they have to get up and start the day, allowing it time to take effect.

Like modafinil, adrafinil is best for fitness professionals that aren’t performing athletes thanks to WADA regulations.