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Relationships that can make or break you…


Quality relationships…

great relationships

I don’t have many people that I’m close to. I have a small family and a couple of close friends and that’s it. The quality of those relationships however far surpasses the quantity.

I’m very fussy with who I let into my world and for good reason. I very quickly make up my mind on a person. Rightly or wrongly this method seems to work.

Zapping negative people!

I have zero time for those who bring negative energy into the world, or those who belittle others and project their anger and frustration onto others. These people have no place in my reality and I quickly eradicate them like a magician….zap! Adios!

Good people…

I’m extremely lucky to have some rich, deep and meaningful relationships with people who i trust and who I believe have my best interests at heart.

One of those is my father…

I’m super lucky and privileged to feel comfortable talking to him about anything and everything. Whether that’s personal stuff, business related or whatever it may be.

Having a tight knit family means the world to me and something I cherish dearly.

Quality not quantity…

I’ll come back to my original point that it’s not how many people you know but the quality of those relationships you have. When you find good people you need to hold onto them. You need to invest quality time into building and maintaining those relationships.

Relationships have the power to make or break you.

Who you let into your world is your choice.

Choose wisely.