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Sam Gets A Ripped Six-Pack In 8 Weeks…


In just 8 weeks (60 days), Sam managed to get a ripped six-pack, lose 10kg, and get into the best shape of his life. Here’s Sam’s story, how we did it and lots of free knowledge bombs…

Sam’s Story…

Sam got in contact a few months ago after reading a bunch of LEP Fitness testimonials. He was tired of going to the gym but failing to get results…

Online personal training…

As Sam doesn’t live in Sheffield, we scheduled a phone call consultation to discuss his goal(s). After listening to Sam, I explained how we would achieve the results he wanted in just 8 weeks through online coaching.

After our phone call, Sam was convinced I could help and signed up for online personal training…

I went away and created a ‘personal road map’ for him to follow.

I created Sam a bespoke meal plan and exercise program. The food and exercise plan(s) were tailored towards Sam’s current level of fitness, lifting experience, and food preferences.

I stayed in touch with Sam each week and made small changes along the way to ensure that results didn’t slow down after a couple of weeks (like so many diet and exercise programs!).

Fast forward 8 weeks, and he’s in the best shape of his life…

Personal trainer Sheffield

In this article, I wanted to share some of the stuff we’ve done to achieve such a rapid and ‘head-turning’ body transformation.

Hopefully, this post will motivate you to start your own transformational program…

1. Weight Training

Sam lifted weights four days per week. I gave Sam exercises that suited his body shape and training experience. For example, exercises such as:

  • Flat DB press
  • Incline DB row
  • Split Squats
  • DB side raises
  • Romanian Deadlifts

The above are just a few examples. I also gave Sam some video demonstrations to improve his exercise technique and therefore speed up results.

With the weight training, the aim was to train hard, with good technique and set tempos. Sessions were relatively short (30-45 minutes).

The weight training routine stayed the same throughout the 8 weeks. Very rarely do you need to make changes with an exercise program over such a short period of time (only if an exercise doesn’t feel right, injury, etc.).

2. Cardio

Alongside the weights, Sam also did cardio 2-3x per week. The cardio started at 30 minutes per week, and then every 1-2 weeks, I would increase the cardio by 5 minutes. By the end of the eight weeks, Sam was up to 60 minutes of cardio three days per week.

I allowed Sam to choose the cardio he wanted to do, as long as it was slow to medium intensity, i.e., walking, light jogging, cycling, or an aerobics class.

TIP: One mistake I see people make (and lots of personal trainers too) is being overly aggressive with cardio at the start of a fat loss phase. Cardio is a great tool to use for fat loss, but it’s best not to overdo it, especially at the start.

3. Nutrition

In terms of nutrition, Sam filled out a nutritional questionnaire. This questionnaire asks in-depth questions and also allows clients to select foods that they enjoy.

Liking your meal plan is crucial. You’ve got to enjoy your diet to sustain it. You’ll also be surprised at what you can eat if you set up your nutrition correctly. For example, Sam had dark chocolate four days per week and lots of tasty foods.

How many calories did Sam eat each day?

I started Sam on 2,200 calories per day and slowly brought down calories every 1-2 weeks. By the end of the 8 weeks, he was on 1,800 calories per day.

Carb loading…

During the last week, we did a carb load. Sam had less than 50g of carbs per day for 6 days, then on day 7 he had 650g of carbs.


Reducing carbs helps to get rid of the last layers of body fat and water retention, but then when you put carbs back in…

It gives your muscles a full look – while still looking lean.

I also did a carb load for my own 8 Week Body Challenge…

LEP Fitness - body transformations

What’s next for Sam?

Now the 8-week plan has finished, and we are doing another 8 weeks together.

We are doing what’s called a ‘reverse diet’ phase – where you slowly build up calories again. Too many people finish a diet plan BUT then regain all of the weight (often more!)…

Because they revert to old ways and overload the metabolism (which is susceptible to gaining more weight after a diet), this leads to rapid weight gain and can leave you in a physical and emotional mess.

If you want an amazing body transformation, you need to invest in a coach who knows exactly what they are doing; otherwise you could do more harm than good. If you’re not careful, you can do permanent damage that’s very difficult (and in some cases impossible) to reverse.

Would you like to be the next LEP Transformation?

Would you like results like Sam?

If you said ‘YES’ and are ready to commit for 8-12 weeks, I want to hear from you.

All you have to do is:

  • Fully Commit
  • Leave all excuses behind
  • Prioritise getting in shape for the next 8 weeks

If you think you can do this, then let’s work together.

How do we move this forward and get started?

It’s very straightforward…

Here is the 6 Step Process:

  1. Get in touch.
  2. I send you some forms to fill out (health, food, and exercise questionnaire).
  3. We book in for a phone or Zoom consultation to discuss your goals. I will also answer any questions you have and explain how everything works.
  4. I go away and create your bespoke plan(s).
  5. I send your plans and explain everything in simple and easy to follow terms.
  6. You follow the plans and check in with me each week (I will tweak your plan along the way to ensure you see body changes every single week!)

It’s an incredibly easy to follow system, and I will support you from start to finish.

There is never a question too big or small that I won’t answer, and I am committed to helping you get the best body transformation possible. But don’t just take my word for it – check out the hundreds of testimonials on my site.


How much would you be willing to pay if you knew you were guaranteed to get life-changing results in just 60-90 days?

Imagine that we fast-forwarded 8 weeks from now, and you hop on the scales, and you’ve lost 1-2 stone…

Your clothes fit, and you’re looking the best you’ve looked in years, and your friends are complimenting you on how good you look…

How would that make you feel?



With my expertise and your hard work, it’s going to be made a reality. I’ll even bet you money on it?

I’ve committed my adult life (the last 12 years) to my craft and know exactly what it takes to get results, and I can’t wait for you to experience them for yourself. Not just physical results, but mental results – you’re going to be more confident across all areas of your life.

So, how much does it cost to work with me?

There are two programs available:

8 Week Transformation = £300
12 Week Transformation = £450

Both are suitable for men and women and will be 100% tailored to you and your lifestyle. You will receive a bespoke meal and exercise plan and be supported every single week.

I promise that if you follow the plans to the letter, and we work together as a team…


If not, I’ll give you all of your money back.

I look forward to working with you,

Nick Screeton - LEP Fitness, Sheffield

Nick Screeton, founder of LEP Fitness

Get in touch with Nick below….