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Rocky Road Protein Heaven!

Rocky Road Protein Heaven!

Ingredients & How to Make:

* 60g rolled oats

* 100ml almond milk

* 240ml water

Cook the oats as normal and leave to cool slightly. Then add 10g coconut flour & 30g egg whites. Cook for a few more minutes adding water if needed to create a thick oats consistency. Allowing that it will thicken once cool if leaving in the fridge overnight.

To make the icing mix 10g quark or yoghurt with 10g rocky road protein (I used My Protein). Mix together and add a little milk until its an icing consistency. The toppings always include Marshmallows, chocolate chips, and sweet freedom chocolate shot.

This recipe was put together by Siobhan. For more great recipes go check out the Cake And Fitness Food Instagram Page