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Rubbish Genetics…


There’s absolutely no doubt about it that genetics play apart in body transformation.

Like faces some people have beautifully proportioned, symmetrical features, but most of us don’t – we have imperfections.

It’s the same with body shape, some guys have 8 symmetrical abs, others have 4 abs, that are uneven.

There’s nothing you can do (other than plastic surgery) to change this.

With that said I can with 100% certainty say that the most important trait to have when trying to improve your health, fitness and body shape is ATTITUDE

Not everyone is going to look like Tom Hardy with their top off or have a bikini body like Megan Fox…


EVERY SINGLE PERSON reading this has the power to make major improvements.

DO NOT hold onto beliefs like “I’ll never look like her” or “Ive got bad genetics” because these beliefs will sabotage your efforts and stop you from progressing.

Instead of focusing on factors you can’t control like genetics focus on the things you can change like…

  1. Working hard 
  2. Learning/growing 
  3. Being consistent 
  4. Developing a positive mindset 

These traits will stand you in great stead for results and you’ll build a shed load of character along the way.

Nick 🙂