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Running Is Terrible For Your Knees! But I Just Frickin Love It!


Running like Forrest Gump…

forrest gump run - Running Is Terrible For Your Knees! But I Just Frickin Love It! - LEP Fitness

I’m just about to go for a run, but i’ve just polished off 2 protein pancakes – see recipe here  so I need to let them digest for a bit!

Todays plan is to go for a 1hr run! I’ll be starting from home, and working my way around a pre planned course which includes destinations like Endcliffe park, Ecclesall road, and Abbydale road. I’ve got my fingers crossed that I arrive back in one piece!

Running is ‘absolutely terrible’ for your knees…

There’s no doubt about it, running is terrible for those knee joints! It’s like banging a broom stick repeatedly against a wall…sooner or later something’s going to snap! My knees are already pretty knackered. I remember once going to see a knee specialist, and paying an absolute bomb (£300 for a 30 minute consultation!) to be told that i’m a ‘genetic nightmare!’ – thanks for that mate (£300 squid down the drain). My problem is that I have bowed legs (wonky knees), and flat feet, in other words the worst combination going! This means i’m prone to knee issues.

Who Cares! I just love running

The thing is I love running so much. It’s ‘me time’ – time to reflect and gather my thoughts. I get my best ideas when i’m running, ideas for my blogs, business, personal goals, etc. It’s also great to blow off some steam, when i’m stressed (yep it happens!).

To me there’s just something frickin awesome about being outside in mother natures back garden, especially in Sheffield (the greenest city!). I just love putting my headphones in, putting on some good tunes and then placing one foot in front of the other until i’m all tired out! It’s therapy, not to mention it burns a ton a calories and sends endorphins surging around your brain faster than Usain Bolt on Red Bull!

Running 1x Per Week…

The reality is… that i’ve the knees of a 99 year old man! But that doesn’t stop me running, I do however have to be careful not to over do it. I’ve established (through trial and error) that 1x per week is fine. For the rest of my cardio routine I typically use the spin bike, as it’s low impact and I just enjoy it!

Anyhow, I just thought i’d share my random antics, thanks so much for reading!

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Nickeh ‘Forrest Gump’ Screetoni

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