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Diaries of a Sheffield Fitness Instructor : Wall Squats!

Sheffield Fitness Instructor

So this week I decided to set up a little challenge for LEP members.

The Challenge?

The dreaded . . .

Wait for it . . .



The aim is to hold a squat position (90 degrees) against a wall for as long as possible.

Guess what the longest time held is so far?

2 minutes?




Nope . . .

8m 42s!

By a young lady called Maneka! I literally had time to make a cup of tea, come back, and drink it! All whilst Maneka held the dreaded squat position. (That’s a joke by the way!)

Absolutely phenomenal effort Maneka! Well done!

I am one proud coach this week, some of the most recent transformations have been absolutely supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Take Julie for example . . .

Sheffield Personal Trainer

Julie continues to work super hard week-in-week-out. I mean just look at her results! Wowzzza!

I often get asked what is the quickest way to get results? the fastest way to burn fat ? . . . I am going to share with you the answer . . .

More on that shortly . . .

I am also happy to see clients improving with each session, some highlights this week include: David completing 50 push ups (with perfect form may I add!), and Joanne doubling here wall squat time (2 minutes! BOOM!), and losing 10cm overall on measurements.

It has also been pretty cool to receive a new testimonial from LEP Fitness member Laura:

LEP Fitness member Laura : Sheffield Fitness Instructor

“My time at LEP Fitness has been the best investment I have ever made. Before I started with Nick I wasn’t completely happy with how I looked and felt and I knew I needed someone to push me towards what i wanted and to give me guidance and that’s exactly what I got with LEP. I used to shy away from the gym as, like a lot of people, found it an intimidating place to be…surrounded by lots of people who knew what they were doing, which I didn’t. When you train with Nick you are not judged, he will take every person as they come no matter how fit/unfit you are and encourage you all the way. Nick has literally helped me with everything, from the nutritional guidance to the gym plans and the support he gives me every session and every e-mail. I literally come away feeling energised and inspired. Every training session is different and you can tell he takes time to plan them to get the best out of you. Every session he asks you how you have been getting on, what can he change, have you found anything difficult? Just shows you how much he loves what he does and that he genuinely cares. Most people like me just need to be educated and that is exactly what is happening. I am almost 2 stone lighter, massively more toned and happier so I couldn’t thank him enough! anyone reading this wondering whether to join….Do it! You will regret it if you don’t! Thanks Nick!”

Seriously this stuff fuels my fire!

When I hear feedback like this it makes me extremely proud.

I get to wake up and work with the most amazing people everyday. The thing is . . .

LEPers actually inspire me!

Yep you heard that!

LEPers add fuel to my fire and inspire me to grow. I see their hardwork, and determination and what can be achieved when you put your mind to something. It really inspires me. I mean . . . I live for this stuff man!

Take Graham for example, the doctors told him he would never be able to do a full squat! ever! because of a knee injury.

6 months later!

We have him doing FULL squats.

I mean this stuff is life changing.

I am very grateful for being in this position and would not have it any other way. It’s the best job in the world.

So anywayzzzz . . .

Back to the quickest way to burn fat and get results?

Fat burners?


Diet pillzzzzz?


One arm push ups?

haha! Nopeeee!

The answer is . . .



What . . . thats it? Thats the bloooominggggg secret?


Seriously consistency is one of my most used words (clients can vouch for me here!). I probably use it 30x per day (seriously!). It is all about consistently, doing the right things over and over again.

But . . .

You also need the right plan . . .

A plan of action: the right training and nutritional plan and of course . . . a coach!

Hiring a coach is a wiseeee move.

I pay for coaching, and I pay mentors, people who know more than me. A good coach is like a fast track ticket at Alton Towers! You jump the queue.

The day I stop hiring coaches/mentors will be the day I stop going to the gym!

For those of you that dont know me the chances of that happening are like . . . er . . . er 1 in a trillion! I just love da gym!

Anywazzzz thats all for this week.

Have a great week amigos!

As the Italians say . . .

Gratzi ! ! !


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