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Feeling proud! My 2nd Newspaper article…


High Five!

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It’s weird to see my face in the paper, it just makes me laugh! I used to hate English with an absolute passion! I hated writing, I was in the bottom set, a poor reader with very little passion to get better. At high school it was all about Ice Hockey and fitness, none of this academic rubbish! Nowadays I’m quite the opposite, I love to read and write, there probably my favourite hobbies. I grab every available opportunity to pick up a book or jot down some ink!

Becoming a blogger…

With most of my blogs I like to plan them out on paper before typing, with others however I like to freelance (like this one!). I just kind of make it up as I go along,  writing whatever comes into my head! I started my blog 1.5 years ago and never thought much would come off it. To start with, it was just me who read my blogs, oh and maybe… my partner, mum and dad, but that’s about it! I had 0 audience but that didn’t matter to me, I just did it out of enjoyment.

Creating Opportunities…

The last 6 months have been crazy. I’ve been fortunate enough to receive some pretty cool opportunities. As my audience has grown, so have my opportunities and it’s been awesome to create work for companies and individuals who I really admire. Earlier on this year I had my first ever newspaper article published and today I got another one in the paper! I’m feeling proud, and wanted to share this moment with you guys and gals, and the world wide web! I can’t wait to see what the future holds. If you want to read the full article i’ve uploaded it on my website – click here 

I’d also just like to take this opportunity to say a HUMONGOUS THANK YOU for all your support, those of you who tune into my weekly blogs and give me feedback. It really means a great deal and I appreciate it (more than you’ll ever know!). Anyhow thanks again, and stay tuned for some blogs coming up this month!

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👱💪 Nick