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Should You Consider Buying Smart Scales?

Should You Consider Buying Smart Scales

I know that the question raised in the title is a complete turn off. I mean, who in the world would voluntarily want to know his or her weight?

All kidding aside though, weight definitely is a sensitive topic. It’s the kind of thing you don’t bring up casually during small talk, especially if the person you’re talking to is someone you just recently met (read more). Trust me; it’ll just earn you a big slap on the face. Well, that or cold treatment – forever.

Anyway, weight isn’t a matter we want to discuss if we can help it. If we are to talk about it, we hope that it’s because of positive news like “Hey, you look like you lost a couple of pounds!” or “You’re looking fire, baby!”

Unfortunately, that is not what commonly happens when people start talking about weight. In reality, weight-related conversations typically go like this:

Friend: Hey! Long time no see!

You: Yeah! How long has it been? It’s literally been ages!

Friend: I see life has been going well for you!

You: How can you tell?

Friend: Well, isn’t it obvious? You look like your refrigerator has been pretty well-stocked since last spring!

You: Oh.

Friend: Don’t get me wrong. Getting FAT is a sign of progress!

You: Oh – okay.

And then you go home sulking. Or, you end up throwing back insults to your long-time friend and make things “more heated” between the two of you. Piece of advice? Do maintain your composure during times like this. I know it’s infuriating – been there, done that – but do you really want to lose a long-time friendship over something so petty? I know how you feel but getting mad isn’t really the best course of action. Simply let it slide.

And prove them wrong.

Sure, there will be days, weeks, or even months that we “let go” of ourselves. Suddenly, keeping fit seems terribly demanding and exhausting. We’d prefer a Netflix and pizza night over hours at the gym. We crave for junk more than we crave for fresh produce – and that is completely normal.

It is normal to fall prey to temptations. It’s normal to get tired sometimes; to think that everything you’re doing to keep yourself fit is futile. But hey, just rest – never quit. Rest and gain a few extra pounds, just be sure to work twice as hard when you feel like getting back up. Pay no mind to whatever people say.

Controlling your weight is not a matter of aesthetic; it concerns your health. Maintaining a healthy weight is something you should do for yourself – not other people. Why? That is because at the end of the day, you’ll be the one to enjoy the benefits or suffer from the consequences. Isn’t that right?

Take care of your health for you. If you’re becoming overweight, then lose those extra flabs for your sake – not because others bullied you to.

To answer the question raised in the title, I say YES. You should consider buying a smart scale but never to torment yourself of the fact that you’re gaining weight. Rather, you should buy it because of these important reasons:

1. Monitor Your Weight Accurately

Monitor Your Weight Accurately

Come on. Stop lying to yourself. Don’t turn a blind eye to those baby fats that don’t seem very “baby” anymore. If you keep lying to yourself, you will only make matters worse. Buying a smart scale, like these smart scales, will help you monitor your weight more closely. It will tell just how much exactly you are over or underweight. You need this information in order to become better attuned to your own body. Remember: Health is wealth!

2. Plan Your Exercise Regimen

After acceptance comes action. The moment you get your hands on something that will propel your drive towards switching up your lifestyle, change happens. When you know how much you weigh exactly, you can create your action plan. You’ll know what exercises to focus on and just how many minutes should you spend doing them each and every day. This will help you get just the right amount of exercise – not too little or too much, just right.  

3. Create A Meaningful Diet Plan

Exercising is always paired with dieting. A balanced meal is always the key to good health. When you know your body really well, you will learn what it really needs to keep in shape. If you’re a little too flabby, then you can cut down on the junk and start increasing the greens. If you’re a little too thin, then maybe it’s time to get a little lean and eat some protein. A smart scale can help you understand what your body really needs. Ultimately, it will help you create a more positive diet. Check out these diet from Web MD: https://www.webmd.com/diet/features/how-to-design-your-own-diet.

4. Improve Your Overall Health       

Awareness is always the first step towards self-improvement. And who doesn’t want to improve right? At first, the road will be hard; it will be rocky. Knowing the truth may even hurt your confidence. However, if you don’t face it now, then when? We hope that you find the resolve to accept change before things become too late. Then again, it is never too late. It’s just that problems are easier to address when they are still small. So instead of voluntarily subjecting yourself to hardship, change what you can change today!

Changing for the better is always a good thing but always remember to do it for yourself. Rubbing it to everybody else’s face is just a bonus! When you want the change for yourself, great things happen. The impossible becomes possible and the improbable becomes probable. The next time you bump into an old friend, you won’t receive insulting comments anymore. You’ll earn compliments! Lots and lots of them. So for now, just hang in there and keep your head high. Change is coming.

And it comes with buying a new smart scale.