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Showcasing Your Personal Training Business – The Best Way To Present Your PT Business…

Showcasing Your Personal Training Business | The Best Way To Present Your PT Business… | LEP Fitness

So many personal trainers do their personal training business a disservice by not presenting it in the correct way. Often their content, and business presentation is sloppy, and they’re missing out on lots of business because of it!

In this post, I’m going to share some really useful tips, to help you present your personal training business in the best light, so that it looks more professional, you get more leads/enquiries, and most importantly…you pick up tons more clients!

Showcasing Your Personal Training Business… 

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#1 Before and After Pictures 

Before and after pictures are very important. People need to see that you’ve achieved results (the proof is in the pudding… so to speak!).

Before and after pictures are especially important for body transformation coaches – those of you coaches who are helping clients to achieve visible goals i.e. weight loss, and muscle building. 

DON’T DO THIS: One thing I see, is before and after pictures BUT which are poorly presented i.e. bad lighting, no company logo, different backgrounds in each pic, varying body angles, etc. etc – this is not good (or professional!).

In my opinion a good before and after photo should contain the following…

  • Good Lighting
  • Consistent Lighting – the same (or very similar) lighting on both the before and after picture.
  • Same picture location
  • Exactly the same body angle
  • Company Logo (at the bottom – for brand awareness) 

#2 Client Stories 

LEP Fitness member Danny loses 84lbs training with a personal trainer in sheffield

Your business should be mainly about your clients (not you!) – it’s showing your potential clients how you can help them, through your before and after pictures, content, etc. It’s ok to share your workouts, and bits of your life – BUT only if it’s going to help your audience. 

One of the best way’s to showcase your personal training business is to share ‘client success stories’ – this could be a before and after pic – AND with the story behind it. Try and make your stories emotional (because this will engage more people)… 

For example, lets say you have a client who’s lost 1 stone…

You could share their before and after picture, and then write about how your client achieved this result i.e. training with you 3x per week, and doing 1 gym session per week. Talk about the clients struggles along the way, BUT then how you and your client overcame them. This will inspire others to take action and get in touch with you. 

Not all of your stories have to be about before and after transformations. I write about all sorts, for example, here are some recent stories I’ve shared on my fitness blog, Facebook, and Instagram…

  • Helping a client to overcome her lower back pain – I talk about how this is a common issue for office workers, and the exercises we’ve done to strengthen her core, hamstrings and glutes.
  • Client Loyalty – sharing stories of clients who’ve been training with me for a long time. Showing gratitude, and also showing people that you must be a good coach if clients have been training with you for a long time (people don’t pay for personal training, and for years… unless they are happy with their investment!). This is good social proof, that you’re a good personal trainer. 
  • A lady who couldn’t do any pull ups, BUT who can now do 5 pull ups! I talk about the progression, and about the importance of ‘self belief’ – this can be very motivating to other people who are interested in working with you, and could inspire them to get in touch.

Etc, etc, 

Share your stories, it will inspire others to take action and work with you. 

#3 Testimonials 

LEP Fitness Testimonials | personal trainer in Sheffield | private gym
screenshot taken from LEP Fitness testimonials page
Testimonials by LEP Fitness | private personal training gym in sheffield

ABSOLUTELY KEY (the capital letters are intentional! Lol). Customer testimonials are imperative, and every successful personal training business needs them. 

I’ve already touched upon ‘social proof’ very briefly, people need to see proof before reaching out to you. One of the best ways to do this, is to get clients to write you a testimonial. 

After you’ve been working with your client(s) for 2 months, or once you’ve achieved an excellent result… you should ask your client to leave you feedback. This could be a Google review, Facebook review, or even just a written testimonial via email.

Once the client has done this, then add it to your website (make-sure to ask for permission) and add a picture of your client – this is also KEY – as it backs up the words (too many sites have testimonials with no pics… this could appear a ‘fake review’ to some people’).

The more testimonials you can get…the better! and I would say that you should be at least aiming for 20 testimonials on you website. Feel free to check out my testimonial page to see what I mean. 

#4 Professional Pics 

To be honest phone cameras are very good nowadays, and you can still showcase your personal training business in a very professional way, without needing to hire a professional photographer. 

That said, hiring a pro is going to be better (after all…that’s what they specialise in!). I would recommend hiring a photographer for 1 day, on a day when you have lots of sessions (6-8 minimum). Ask them to take pics of you coaching clients, and of your facility (if you have your own personal training studio). 

The downside of hiring a pro photographer, is that it will cost you money, BUT like with any investment, you’ve got to look at the return. If paying £300-£500 for a pro photographer makes your business look incredible, and gets you an extra 2-4 clients per month, then not only will you recoup what you spent, BUT you’ll actually make far more money in the long run! It’s 100% worth the investment if you can afford it. 

Having a professional brand will make you stand out from most personal trainers, and if you want to become the best personal trainer in your area, then this is an absolute must!

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Thanks for reading,

Nick 🙂