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How Morad Shredded Fat In Just 12 Weeks…

Morad - LEP Fitness - Sheffield personal trainer - best sheffield personal trainer - LEP Fitness

Hey, I’m Morad!

I’m 29 years old from Sheffield, I enjoy working out and playing video games!

A couple of months ago I started working with Nick & LEP Fitness and it’s changed my life.

Here’s an account of my journey so far.

I contacted Nick wanting results, I wanted a defined stomach and to lose body fat from all around my body. I was in an almost desperate state, I had tried everything but nothing seemed to work. Since I have started to work with Nick & LEP fitness that’s all changed, I have seen some huge improvements within myself physically, and mentally. I feel a lot stronger and I am in the best shape of my life.

Morad - LEP Fitness personal trainer sheffield - fitness trainer sheffield - Nick Screeton
Morad - sheffield personal trainer - LEP Fitness - online personal training
Morad - personal trainers sheffield - fitness sheffield - personal training

It’s not always been easy. The toughest aspect for me is the nutrition, especially at the start – because not only was it something I wasn’t used to but I also had to take time to prepare meals and get organised. Initially I also had major withdrawal symptoms as my body went into detox mode! As time has gone on it’s become a welcomed part of my life and I really enjoy the feeling I get after a big session.

What I have learned is that…. Nothing in life comes easy, you have to work hard. As Nick says you can have the best plan in the world (nutrition and training) but if you don’t do the work, you aint gonna get results! I would highly recommend LEP Fitness and working with Nick because it will change your life and the amount of advice and experience you’ll get will last you a life time.

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