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Sneaker bots are all the rage, but are they really worth it?

Sneaker bots are all the rage, but are they really worth it

If you’re a part of the sneaker community or consider yourself a sneakerhead, you’ve most likely heard about sneaker bots. The topic of sneaker bots tends to be a very touchy subject since people usually hate them because they deem them as cheating, or love them because it helps you get that highly coveted sneaker. Which side of the spectrum do you find yourself in? For those of you who are for bots are have experience with them, are they worth it?

For those new to the sneaker game, sneaker bots are programs that can increase your chances at buying limited-edition sneakers online for retail. No waiting in line, no entering raffles, no camping out, no paying outrageous resell prices. Now that we got that out the way, we need to make one thing clear, just because you have a bot does not mean it will guarantee you access to the sneaker, but it still remains your best bet at securing a pair, and sometimes multiple pairs. 

Bots were created because the demand for the most limited, hyped, and exclusive sneakers always trumps the number of people trying to get them. More often than not, those very same sneakers with a high demand often sell for up to 2 to 10 times its retail price. That said, of course, everyone and their mom is going to try to get a pair. Regardless of the product, if there is money to be made, consumer demand will always be high. This is why bots were made. 

The potential to make money by reselling sneakers has caused the sneaker community to be split between legit sneakerheads and resellers, who all seek the same pairs. With lots of people admiring the illustrious career of Michael Jordan it has also created even more competition towards getting those Jordan 1s you’ve been dreaming of for months! With so many heads trying to get the very same shoe, many began turning to bots as a way to beat the competition and help lead you to the promised land, aka that confirmation email. 

How do sneaker bots work?

To put it in the simplest terms, sneaker bots all work the same. You will need to insert a link, pick your shoe size, add proxies, and run your tasks. After you do that, some minor tweaks and details will help make you both even more successful. Generally speaking, once you’ve used one bot, the rest all work the same way. The significant difference lies in the performance. 

Are sneakers bots worth it? It all depends on who you ask. In the beginning, it may not seem like it since you actually have to put in money before you see any kind of profit (or sneakers). Yes, bots do cost money. Aside from the cost of buying the actual bot, there may be a period of time where you will experience plenty of trial and error. Maybe the bot you purchased is not performing as well as you’d like it to. Perhaps the type of bot you have only allowed you to buy one pair of sneakers at a time. 

Maybe the bot you have only helped you cop pairs from select stores and not from a wide range of retailers. In other words, all bots are not created equal and do not provide the same results. Although bots cost money, you need to think of this purchase as an investment. Just like any other business venture, you’re going to have to put some work in (money) before you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Once you find that right bot that works for you and you actually begin to “cook”, it’s safe to say that yes, bots are definitely worth it.

What are the best sites with the best bots?

Need some help in finding out what’s the best bot for you? There are plenty of sites where experienced sneakerheads reveal which sneaker bots, proxies, and add to cart services help you cop effectively. These websites basically do all the groundwork for you. Sneakerheads with years of experience in the bot world share what they have learned over the years to help them acquire the next biggest drop.

The demand for limited and exclusive sneakers is not going anywhere anytime soon. As long as people are willing to spend big money on sneakers, bots will always be in use. Using sneaker bots could very well be the solution you’ve been looking for.