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Spartan Mode! Why I haven’t had a rest day in 28 days…


So guys for the last 28 days I haven’t had a rest day.

I’ve done 28 gym sessions.

I’m not a warrior, and I don’t want a medal. There have been many times in my life when I’ve lost my gym mojo. It happens.

When i train I don’t always go 100mph. Some sessions will be lighter and less intense. Going 100mph everyday is a one way ticket to ‘Planet Burnout’

Just recently I’ve realised that exercise is so ‘frickin’ awesome.

It’s therapy, it’s the chance to clear your head and make life richer.

I don’t solely go to the gym to get bigger muscles and look better. No. It’s so much more.

As Shakespeare once said…

“Nothing is good nor bad, but thinking so makes it so’

You can see the gym as a chore, an hr of monotonous time sat on a plastic bike with a bunch of sweaty people all under one roof.


You can see it as the opportunity to invest quality ‘you’ time.

The opportunity to get your heart pumping blood fiercely around your body.

The chance to take time out and reflect – away from the manic world we live in.

The chance to experience a natural high – the nourishment of endorphins that surge all around your body.

Exercise Is much more than what it appears.

It’s therapy.

It’s medicine.

It’s a drug.

That’s why I love it.

Next time you exercise see it not as a chore but as something much more beautiful and enjoy the benefits it brings.

owner of LEP Fitness