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Spending £60,000 to become the very best version of me!



So the other day I sat down and figured out how much I had spent on my education (specifically health & fitness).

The total?

I’ve already given it away…


Yep, £60,000 smackkkaarooos

That includes:

  • PT qualifications
  • sports science degree
  • 1-1 private coaching from some of the best in the business
  • books
  • seminars
  • coaching courses

I’ve also invested a lot of time (well over 10,000hrs) learning my trade and I’m close to completing 7,000 x 1-1 coaching sessions.

See if you want to be good at something you have to:

  • invest time
  • invest money
  • make sacrifices
  • keep learning

The same can be applied to your own health and fitness.

Whether that’s fat loss, muscle building or sports specific…

You have to want to change (more than you want to stay the same) and you have be willing to work hard and invest in yourself.

One of my only regrets was not investing sooner!


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