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Spring Wellness Routines That Will Detox and Reset Your Mind and Body…


There are several ways to detox this spring, this includes changing your diet, and exercise regime. As well as the body it’s also important to invest time into your mind. Improving your mental health will also be one of the priorities this spring as you endeavor to adopt new lifestyle routines.

The cleansing power of water

The cleansing power of water

So far, you’ve probably been using water just for a shower, a bubble bath, or washing your face in the morning, but in reality, water has the power to cleanse your mind, body, and soul.

First, you will have to be imaginative and come up with creative ways to interact with water, so it will soothe your skin, mind, body and spirit. As we have already pointed out, a hot bubble bath is more than welcome and so is taking a dip in a freshwater lake during summer.

In fact, merely listening to the sound of water can produce a calming effect, so waves breaking against the shoreline or a waterfall are ideal places to spend time to sit back and relax.

Staying focused while exercising

Exercising primarily has the goal of strengthening your body by helping you gain muscle mass and lose excess fat. However, we also release endorphins during workouts, which makes us feel happier. This means that exercising is good for our mental health as well, as our body shape and fitness.

Furthermore, we get chance to socialise and interact with others who can help us stay focused on the fitness goals ahead. If we ever feel that we need additional boost both in terms of working out and staying motivated, hiring a personal trainer is always a good idea.

Healthy snacks

Healthy snacks

The lack of free time to sit down and eat a properly cooked meal is going to negatively impact your health. We live in a fast paced society, always on the go! However, it cannot serve as an excuse for devouring unhealthy food like hot dogs or fast food. If you want to grab a bite between meals, then don’t be lazy and do some online research on the best healthy snacks – there are plenty of great options to choose from.

If you make the effort to check out the organic food section at the local supermarket, you are bound to find snacks that will ignite your taste buds and surpass all the unhealthy food which your body craves.

For example there are flavored rice cakes covered in sea salt, so your taste buds will be aroused as though you’re eating crisps. Eliminating unhealthy food in the form of snacks provides our body with the opportunity to detox itself.

Total declutter

One of the greatest challenges to the human mind is clutter. Clutter is an issue that needs to be resolved this spring. Most people assume that merely putting their clothes back in the wardrobe where they belong instead of throwing them over the sofa is enough but you need to understand the all-encompassing nature of clutter.

It’s everywhere, on the office desk, bedroom, front yard, etc. Only by tackling clutter in all walks of life will we regain a sense of control that is vital for our mental health.

Breathe in, breathe out

Breathe in, breathe out

Our brain needs oxygen to function properly and we intake oxygen every time we breathe in. There are several breathing techniques that ensure an increased amount of oxygen gets into our brain but the one developed by Nadi Shodhan Pranayama is especially efficient.

Basically, this breathing technique affects our nostrils as first we need to gently press the right nostril using our thumb and then breathe out the left nostril. Then we breathe in through the left nostril, closing the right nostril with our right and little finger. This might sound silly but such a breathing technique is closely related to Eastern philosophy that teaches us to be calm in all situations. Inner peace is essential for mental health since we need to be at peace with our inner self if we wish to be healthy both mentally and physically.

Achieving equilibrium this spring will be easy using just the simple routines listed here. Keep in mind that you will have to combine eating healthy, breathing properly, and exercising in order to get the best results and detox and reset your mind and body. Furthermore, don’t abandon these routines after just a few months, as they are ideal for attaining inner peace throughout the whole year.