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How to Stay fit, healthy & strong this Autumn…


How to Stay fit, healthy & strong this Autumn…

How to Stay fit, healthy & strong this Autumn…

The lighter evenings and warmth of the sun have disappeared! Autumn is in full flow – a time where the leaves on the trees change, it becomes darker and the temperature cools down. You end up with unwelcome sniffles, coughs and colds! You wrap up in warmer layers: coats, jumpers, boots, gloves, and hats! It can be very easy to let this time of year drag you down.

It’s a time when food can provide us with the warmth and comfort needed to make the darker evenings that little bit more tolerable. But, If you’re not careful it’s incredibly easy to gain a couple of extra layers (and I’m not talking about clothes here!).

Here’s some tips to help you boost your health & fitness this autumn.

Burn calories in the fresh air : Sheffield now has has more trees per person than any other city in Europe; an estimated 200 million in total! There are plenty of walking routes to choose from. Why not venture out into the peaks or take a crisp walk around Endcliffe park. It’s pretty easy to burn a whopping 500 calories (approximately 2 mars bars!) worth of energy just by going on a 1hr walk.

Exercise early in the day – With dark evenings encroaching, the likelihood of working out in the evenings diminishes as motivation levels dwindle. Better to get your workouts in first thing in the morning when your fresh. You’ll feel so much better for it, as you experience a surge of feel good endorphins which are released during exercise.

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