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Stop Judging How You Look & Start Working On this Instead…

Stop Judging How You Look & Start Working On this Instead…

Do you judge yourself by what you see in the mirror everyday?

If you do don’t worry you’re not alone. For years I used to wake up and judge myself based on the reflection staring back at me. It would totally dictate my mood. If I looked good I felt good, if I looked bad… well i’m sure you can guess how I felt.

So many of us are constantly trying to improve the way we look, we spend money on health fads, supplements,  and buy fancy cosmetics which claim to make us look 10 years younger!

You’d think that looking better would make us feel better right? But by constantly trying to enhance our outward appearance are we actually making ourselves unhappier?

Now, i’m not saying it’s bad to take pride in your appearance, but if you spend more time working on the outside but neglect the inside you’ll never be truly happy.

Instead spend more time working on your mindset, thoughts and character. When you spend time developing from within your outer appearance typically improves as a byproduct anyway. Beauty on the outside does not make you happy but beauty on the inside…well… that’s a whole different story…