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Stop Judging Yourself in the mirror : A New Way of Looking at your body…

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It can be extremely difficult facing yourself everyday. It’s the dreaded bathroom mirror upon waking, it’s like facing a panel of judges on Britain’s Got Talent! Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the.…*Insert word* of them all! Everyday is judgement day. How do I look? I look old! I look chubby! I don’t like what I see in the mirror! ohh and whats that little red swollen spot that just appeared on my forehead! Foul mood alert!

See I can only talk from my own personal experience but I know from discussions i’ve had with LEP Members, friends and family – that nearly all of us have this daily battle. Hey, even the gorgeous guys and ladies you walk past in the street have body hang ups. Trust me, some of the best looking people I’ve trained/met are the most insecure. Even those with Greek like bodies and razor sharp cheekbones.

There have been times when i’ve personally had 6 shredded abs (as the bro’s say!) and bulging veiny arms and felt utterly miserable and unhappy with my body. See the mind can play funny tricks on you.You think having the body of your dreams will make you happy, but it doesn’t – trust me. The leaner you are the more miserable you feel, your body does not want to be at 6% fat it’s not healthy – it starts to slow down for survival purposes.

Don’t envy the sculpted models smiling with their white Simon Cowell teeth in photo’s because deep down they are feeling shattered. As I said your body does not want to you to be super lean. Like a whirlwind we’re pulled into this false illusion that the beauties, and celebs flaunted across magazines look like that 24/7, 365 days of the year! But they don’t, its not sustainable! add into the mix airbrushing and you cant compete! It’s like chasing a rainbow.

See I want share something that’s really helped me the past couple of months…

I noticed my physique came on leaps and bounds when I stopped looking at it and judging myself everyday bloooooody day! This has been a game changer for me. I spend far less time looking in the mirror and my mood has lifted, I know longer let the mirror dictate how I feel. I’m much more than my body and so are you! There’s more to us. Do not base your sole identity on what you look like. See there’s more to life! Your body does not reflect who you are as a person. Yes it’s a part but there are many other aspects to you: your mind, attitude, spirit, work, family, you name it! the list is endless.

Add into the mix that your body changes on a daily basis relating to factors such as: stress, food allergies, menstrual cycle, psychological factors (good and bad days affect how you perceive your body), and a whole host of other variables. One day for example (not too long ago!) I woke up looking super lean, that day I ate a couple of White Magnums (buff!), then the next day I looked puffy, and my abs pretty much completely disappeared! WTF? What happened? The short answer is my body doesn’t agree with dairy. When I eat dairy products my eyes, and nose swell and my body holds onto water.

Did I look as though i’d gained half a stone though? yes! But in reality all that had happened was temporary inflammation which went down over the next couple of days. See in the past I would have let this affect my mood, I would have drowned my sorrows and binged on cr*p – because I didn’t understand what was going on and I let what I saw in the mirror completely control my mood.

Funny thing the body. Sometimes you’ll feel as though your winning, other times losing. It happens and it happens to every single one us. Trust me. Now I’m not saying don’t take pride in your appearance, of course it’s super important to look and feel good in your own skin. Just be mindful of how much power you give that reflective piece of glass (aka Mirror!).

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