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Do you have to suffer to lose weight? 


There’s one lady I’ve been working with for the last 3 months who’s lost 2 stone and she hasn’t made any drastic lifestyle changes….

In fact all that she’s changed is the following…

#1 Increased output – training with me 3x per week and walking on average 8,000 steps per day. BUT No gym and no home workouts.

#2 Reduced input – stuck to a calorie goal consistently for 12 weeks. 1,600 calories per day Monday to Friday. 2,000 calories Saturday and Sunday – to make way for a few treats. Her total average calories per day works out to be around 1,700.

She has consistently lost between 1-3lbs per week!

There have been no drastic food changes. She still has a couple of glasses of wine on a Saturday night and a dessert on a Sunday. She still eats a sandwich and packet of crisps for lunch. Just instead of consuming the 700 calorie sandwich, 200 calorie packet of crisps and 140 calorie can of coke (1040 cals in total)…

She now has a 400 calorie sandwich, 100 calorie packet of crisps and a 1 calorie Diet Coke (501 cals in total)

We’ve slashed over 500 cals on her lunch!

Making changes like this to her breakfast, and dinner has seen her go from from an average consumption of around 2,500 cals per day to 1,700 (meaning we’ve slashed 800 cals!). Hello weight loss!

Lots of people out there feel like they have to really suffer to lose weight BUT you don’t.

The only time you’ll really suffer is if you make drastic changes like opting for a shake diet (absolutely terrible), or cutting your calories down to stupidly low levels. Although you will lose weight quickly following extreme measures…


And if you do…


If your goal is to lose a few stone you can do this without making crazy lifestyle changes. Most people can do this comfortably over 3-6 months.

In my opinion it’s better to do over 6 months than compared to 2 months of harsh, miserable dieting!

So back to my question…

Do you have to suffer to lose weight? 

You definitely have to make changes but you don’t have to suffer.

If you’re struggling to do the above I.e move more and eat less then the things likely to be holding you back are in relation to your

  • motivation
  • limiting beliefs
  • psychology
  • habits and behaviours

Who wants me to write a post covering these areas?

If this post gets more than 5 comments I’ll write one! 

Thanks for reading,

Nick 🙂