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Suffering With Body Dysmorphia : Personal Experience …


Are You Suffering With Body Dysmorphia ? ME TOO! . . .

Only this past year I have become increasingly unhappy with my body. What’s strange is I have actually made leaps and bounds with my physical development the past year, pretty much improving in all departments.

If you go on my Instagram 75% of the people I follow are Mens Health models or guys with 8 packs and biceps the size of tree trunks! Without conscious thought what you think will make you better paradoxically makes you worse as it can be easy to constantly compare yourself to the best of the best, the fake tanned, airbrushed or recycled photos of an athlete looking content with life when in reality being minus 6% body fat sucks balls!

Consequently I fell out of love with training for a while. One thing I have realised is that society places huge pressures to look and act a certain way, in my humble opinion too many people are leading false lives, portraying false happiness and looking for people to massage their ego’s in order to feel a sense of self worth.

Being fit and in great shape is something to be proud of but having the ability to grate cheese on your washboard stomach or walk around town the width of a Hummer Truck is not the be all and end all in life. If you thinking achieving the body of your dreams is the key to happiness you will be greatly disappointed.

Real happiness should come from being content with the small things in life, the oxygen we breathe, the greenery of nature, being grateful for being able to see, walk, talk, think, having a constant supply of water, and the food that’s at our finger tips.

In reality we should all be happy with what we have and embrace our imperfections as they make us unique and different from the person next to us.

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