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Sugar Addiction : Written By Phil Learney



This week I read a fantastic post called Sugar Addiction by Phil Learney and just had to share it . . .


1. If sugar was addictive it would be insanely priced. It isn’t.

2. People would buy bags of sugar (the purest form) from the supermarket and eat it straight from the bag. They don’t.

3. Tate and Lyle would be surrounded with armed security and people constantly trying to break in.

4. When people choose not to eat sugar they don’t have to lock themselves in a room with cold sweats and wonder where their next bag is gonna come from.

5. People don’t steal to fund their sugar addiction.

6. You can’t buy haribo in nightclubs. Either from the bar or from ‘dealers’.

Things that create pleasure light up a part of the brain. This is enhanced with flavour, texture, colour, associations, social situations, feelings and a whole myriad of other things. Just so happens sugar helps to light that up that region of the brain therefore people often see a correlation.

This same part of the brain lights up with excitement, playing, having fun, adrenaline, smoking, drinking, sex, drugs, rock and roll, socialising, friends, family. No one is blaming any of that on the reason they overeat though.

When people say sugar is addictive as cocaine and refer to brain scans. They obviously don’t look at the brain scans.

Happiness comes from so many things, the thing is that as adults we’re expected not to do so many of those things. Many of us are left only with food and drink and the pleasure that it creates hence a lot of us overeat and overindulge.

Do shit that makes you happy and that you enjoy daily but create diversity with the source of that happiness. Too many rely on food and drink as their main source of happiness.



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