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FREE Summer Beach Body Workout…


A 21 minute simple & effective full body workout…

Here’s a little homeworkout i’m doing at the moment to help me get in shape for my holidays. It’s really simple but effective. All you need is a pair of resistance bands which you can pick up for less than £10!


Summer Beach Body Workout

There are 7 different exercises and you do each exercise for 60s:

  1. Tricep extensions x 60s
  2. Bicep curls x 60s
  3. Side raises x 60s
  4. Shoulder press x 60s
  5. Upright row x 60s
  6. Squats x 60s
  7. Split squats x 60s

Each round takes 7 minutes and the aim is to complete 3 rounds in total (21 minutes). After each round rest for 60s, before going again.

Extra Tips

  • Go slow and control the movement (no swinging!)
  • Tense your working muscles as hard as possible throughout (get them to burn!)
  • Focus on slow controlled breathing
  • Challenge yourself (pick the correct resistance band, if it’s too easy make it harder and vice versa)

If you enjoyed this workout there are plenty more in the workout section on my site. There’s also over 250 free articles on my blog