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Sweat Together, Stay Together- 17 Motivational Workout Ideas for Couples

Sweat Together, Stay Together- 17 Motivational Workout Ideas for Couples

After a busy day on the work spending some extra time with your significant other sounds so good, right? So how about a couple’s workouts? For some motivation, have a look at these 17 couple’s workout ideas. You will appreciate the sweet and quality time!

#1 Running

Here is a fun, free activity you can do. Bonus if you are just starting out running-you can do a fun Couch to 5k program. Or, if you are advanced, you might consider training for a marathon or half marathon. Either way, talk to your spouse beforehand about what you hope to gain from your runs and plan them accordingly.

#2 Go Rock Climbing

Rock climbing forces you both to work as a team. The techniques of belaying, top roping, and lead climbing are not things you can do all alone. Plus, it’s much safer to have a partner there to share the victories and joys with.  

#3 Zumba

Some of the men might feel a little silly dancing to the latest dance-pop hits or shaking their stuff to some amazing reggaetón beats, but there’s nothing wrong with dancing free and having fun. Everybody at Zumba is there for fun and the sweat of it! You can also clear the living room and just do it at home, too.

#4 Weight Lifting

Now, ladies, do not worry. Many women think that if they lift weights, they will bulk up. This is simply not true, although you will gain the amazing toned arms you’ve always wanted. You can be a spotter for your partner and vice versa. Conversely, if your partner lifts much more than you do, he or she can challenge you to new levels of fitness.  There are even partners’ circuits online!

#5 Swimming

This is a strenuous workout that is necessary to do together, as one should never swim alone. Water is 784 times denser than air, so the resistance you must deal with is going to get you and your partner great results. This is a fun way to burn up calories and even do some fun stuff like race each other to the end of the pool, even of the above ground variety. It’s also easy on the joints if you or your partner suffers from stiffness. Plus, no need to feel weird in a bathing suit when you’re with the one you love!

#6 Cycling

Cycling is a great workout to do together because you can ride together and see your neighborhood as a pair. You can deal with the change in terrain, go up and down hills together, and rule the road as a team. Plus, a cycling buddy can help you stay alert. Cycling burns hundreds of calories an hour and gets your heart rate bumping. If you live in a climate that doesn’t favor outdoor cycling, get on the stationary bike at your local gym and rock out. Follow a HIIT workout for great results. When you’re done, refuel with our foodspring discount code!

#7 Tennis

Playing tennis is a great way to lower your resting heart rate, get some muscle tone and flexibility, and lower your body fat. Plus, you can’t do it without a partner, so who better to play with than your partner? Get some racquets and some tennis balls, and head on over to the courts for some fun. You will enjoy the activity, and the faster reaction time you get from partaking in the activity.

#8 Partner Moves

The most fun workouts are the ones you can do right in your home or on the grass at the local park. There is a certain joy in finding a workout that does not require equipment or money but leaves you feeling great. Some moves can only be done with your partner. Check out this example move! You can review our sources for more moves.

Sit Up with Clap

  • Partners lie on mats or the ground with knees bent and feet pressed into the ground.
  • Your partner lies down facing you. Interlace your feet with their feet.
  • Squeezing your abs, reach up with your hands out in front of you like you’re giving a high-5. Clap hands with your partner.
  • Keep your feet interlaced so they do not move.
  • Lower yourself down and aim for a total of 10 reps.

#9 Walking

Many of the workouts we’ve discussed are pretty intense. Some of us don’t want to go so hard. For those of you new to working out, or those of you that want to stay active but need a low-impact option, get out there and walk. You can keep your weight in check, boost your mood, and best of all, do it with a partner. By walking properly, you can improve your posture, too. This will make for a happy and healthy future, so you can be working out into your golden years!

#10 Hike Your Local Park

If you like being in nature, fresh air, and seeing some lovely scenery, hiking is for you and your partner. Start slow if you are new to hiking-look around online for some beginner’s trails and work your way up. Using poles to hike some more advanced trails increases the intensity of the workout and going up a hill with a 5-10% incline means a 30-40% increase in cals burned!

#11 Badminton

In Badminton, you run, lunge, and dive for that shuttlecock. You zip around the court, hoping to serve it back to your partner. And you certainly cannot play badminton all alone! Get your partner and get some racquets. Invest in a pack of shuttlecocks. Your heart rate will increase as you run in hopes of serving back that shuttlecock to your partner and his or her teammates. You can even play together in the backyard, just serving it back and forth to one another.

#12 Golfing

Skip that golf cart and caddy service! Carry your own clubs and do all the walking, and you will burn several extra calories. Golf provides a way for you to burn off stress in that it is a relaxing sport, but still plenty of fun to play. You and your partner will enjoy the walk around the beautiful course, and the quiet competition that comes with trying to make par. Your coordination will also be improved.

#13 Kayaking

Kayaking is a well-balanced workout, and you can even rent them in some places to make sure you really enjoy it. Kayaking provides aerobic activity comparable to swimming and is able to be done in pairs which are a catalyst to learning. If you are a beginner to exercise, your risk of injury is minimalized as there are no falls or collisions as in running or cycling. If you have a larger BMI, your ability to participate is not hindered. Wear a life jacket!

#14 1 on 1 Basketball

Basketball is a fun and engaging sport, and you can find courts right in your neighborhood that are free and open. Get yourself a ball and enjoy some one on one basketball with your partner. You will enjoy serious calorie burn, an increase in strength, and improved coordination. You will keep your mind and body sharp as you seek to outwit your partner and score more points.

#15 XC Skiing

To safely enjoy cross-country skiing, you need a partner and the ability to navigate several terrains in skis. You can start with a partner and gain the strength needed to do you navigation as you go along! You get a full-body workout, tons of calories burned, and better endurance. This can mean up to 1122 calories per hour for the most vigorous excursions!

#16 Martial Arts

Martial arts are all about setting goals and meeting them through patience, practice, and learning where your weaknesses lie. Going through a martial arts course with your significant other will provide you not only a great full-body workout but the opportunity to learn from each other and practice the moves you learn, perfecting them so that you can meet your belt goals together.

#17 Ultimate Frisbee

Teamwork is the name of the game in Ultimate Frisbee, and you and your partner playing on a team together will build a sense of community and friendship among you and your partner. You will be running, lunging and diving for the disc as it soars through the air. On average, you will burn 477 calories when you play, according to a study performed by Western State Colorado University!