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Ten Natural Painkillers You Don’t Need A Prescription For…

Ten Natural Painkillers You Don’t Need A Prescription For

Prescription painkillers do work. However, they also pose very serious risks when overdoses are concerned, lead to addictions and serious side effects, often have poorly understood mechanisms of action and can have a wider range of effects on the body than medical scientists are currently aware of.

Natural painkillers avoid this. This article demonstrates how simple healthcare such as pain medication is very easily accessible and does not require big pharmaceutical companies at all.

Cayenne Pepper

Capsaicin is the main pain-fighting ingredient in cayenne. It is also found in other natural products such as wasabi. Capsaicin has the benefits of being a potent painkiller for muscle soreness, post-operative pain and skin infections. Wasabi also contains isothiocyanates that scientists are currently looking at for their potential pain-relieving properties. They may work by blocking receptors for inflammation, making inflammation more bearable. 


Disturbances to normal digestion can be solved with pineapple! Painful bloating is a very common ailment in the general population. As little as a cup of fresh pineapple a day can significantly reduce bloating in 72 hours. This is due to pineapple’s bioavailable proteolytic enzymes that increase how quickly proteins can be broken down in the stomach and the rest of the colon. 

“It is often these proteins that can cause pain, making pineapple a very useful aid to combatting stomach cramps.” Says Tamika Esposito, blogger at Next CourseWork and Australia 2 Write.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is more than your mom’s old go-to way to soothe a sore throat. It contains compounds that researchers have identified that actively combat the receptors involved in transmitting the pain of sore throats. Gargling it can also help combat excess mucous production in the nasal and throat passages, which generally make colds and flus more bearable.  


This used to be an old method for preserving meat and other edible products that degrade easily. Salt is a substance that prevents bacteria from flourishing by drawing all the water out of their cells. It is therefore a natural antibacterial agent and is an anti-inflammatory agent too. Simply mix a teaspoon into a cup of water, heat and soak the area that is causing pain for 15 to 25 minutes daily. Infections and pains will subside more quickly. 


Beyond the common complaints of pain and irritability, those who suffer migraines suffer bad spells of fatigue too. Coffee isn’t just for boosting energy, it can also promote less pain during a migraine. Take your regular pain medication alongside a cup of your regular coffee (make it strong) to increase how well your medication works by up to 40%. This is because coffee aids in the absorption of pain killer medication.  


As well as lemon, honey is well known to soothe the mouth and throat. This is due to bioavailable enzymes that reduce inflammation and have antiviral properties. 

“Following Ayurvedic principles, combine honey with cinnamon to apply topically to areas of pain. Taking honey with cinnamon in a drink can reduce arthritis symptoms.” Says Theresa Iler, health writer at Write My x and Brit Student.

Tomato Juice

Potassium deficiency can cause leg cramps after potassium loss during exercise and following diuretic treatment or abuse. To replenish the body’s potassium, tomato juice is a brilliant aid, and so will reduce leg cramps. One to two daily glasses will suffice. 


Just three tablespoons of this superfood has been shown to reduce breast soreness that accompanies menstrual cramping. This is due to compounds that counteract excessive oestrogen – simply add it do your everyday meals to get it into your diet. 


This method is also known as structural integration and focuses on working your body’s fascial tissues (that surround and separate your inner body parts). It is a very useful method to improve your energy and positive well-being and can soothe chronic pains by soothing your neuromuscular system with gravity. 

Peppermint Essential Oil

Treated as a holy grail for many minor ailments for hundreds of years across many cultures, peppermint oil has multiple beneficial properties. It is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and pain-relieving. It simply needs to be diluted and rubbed into areas of aches and pains to relieve conditions as severe as arthritis with its active compounds carvacrol, menthol and limonene. Rubbing it directly onto the temples and forehead can relieve tension headaches. Mix with rosemary or lavender oil to gather the best benefits. 

Darryl Martin is a professional writer and a proofreader at Academicbrits.com and Phdkingdom.com, who has been involved in many projects that promote healthy ways of thinking and doing things. His creativity has no limits and his main purpose is to find solution to any problem. Find his works at Originwritings.com.