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The 10 Best Books I Read In 2016….


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The 10 Best Books I Read In 2016….

This year i’ve spent many happy hours lounging about and reading books. In fact i’ve completed 44 books in 2016!

Some of have been life changing (the ones i’m about to share with you!) whilst others have either sent me to sleep or have been about as exiting as watching paint dry!

I thought it would be cool to share my favourite books, which have lead to new insights and provided amazing frickin value to my life over the last 365 days!

1) Elon Musk 

elon musk book

An inspiring autobiography about a genius, who’s built some of the most cutting edge companies over the last couple of decades (Tesla, SpaceX, PayPal). The book goes deep into the life of Elon Musk, exploring his background, life stories and fascinating philosophies that drive the Billionaire entrepreneur.

2) Hooked

hooked book - LEP Fitness book review

Why do some products & apps capture the attention of millions whilst others totally flop? This book is all about understanding why users become Hooked on products. It’s a great read for business owners and those wanting to tap into the psychology of customer behaviour, understanding what makes them tick, and keeps them coming back for more!

3) Good to Great 

good to great jim collins

What makes a business go from Good to Great? What do all of the best companies share in common? This book delves deep into the core competences of some of the most successful business over the last century.

4) The Power Of Now

The Power of Now - Book

Probably my favourite book of 2016. It’s totally changed my life. I’ve actually read it 3x this year, each time learning something new! Ok so what’s the book about Nick? Well it’s largely about calming the mind and living in the present moment. The book sheds insights on how to lead a happier and more fulfilling life without dwelling on past events or agonising over the future. If there’s one book you must pick up it’s this one!

5) The Success Principles

Jack Canfield - The Success Principles

Talk about value for money! This book is jammed pack with Success Principles that will totally transform your life. The chapters are short 2-4 pages and each one is filled with knowledge bombs which you can apply to dramatically enhance your life.

6) Legacy 

Legacy Jame Kerr

The All Blacks rugby team are one of the most successful sporting teams on the planet, undefeated in 75% of their matches over the last century! This book breaks down what we individuals, companies and teams can learn from their success. A great read for teams and companies wanting to perform at their best and build a winning culture.

7) Tuesdays with Morrie

Tuesdays with Morrie

This book is about a dying man (depressing much?!?!) and his younger pupil, who learns some of the most valuable lessons life has to offer through his dying mentor. Heartwarming, and emotional and an easy read. A powerful book that everyone needs on their book shelf.

8) The Consolations of Philosophy 

The Consolations of Philosophy

Alain De Botton analyses some of the best philosophical thinkers in history, sharing profound insights on their mindsets and modes of thinking. I remember reading this book over the summer and just being totally blown away.

9) How To Be Fucking Awesome 

how to be fucking awesome

Straight to the point with no BS! The book is written in a conversational tone, which makes it very easy to read and digest. I read the book in one afternoon and it totally fired me up to kick some ass! Another great book for those looking for motivation and new ways to improve their life.

10) Grinding It Out

grinding it out ray kroc

The story of the Mc Donalds franchise and how Ray Kroc cultivated the most successful Hamburger company in the world. An enjoyable story, with many valuable lessons to learn from.

Happy Reading & HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Owner of LEP Fitness Nick Screetoni - founded LEP Fitness in 2012 a personal trainer company in sheffield

Nick 🙂