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The 14 Best Fitness iPhone Apps in 2019

The 14 Best Fitness iPhone Apps in 2019

Sweat, repetitions, dedication and discipline – these are all the keywords for a physical transformation, a better version of you, where every muscle defines the serious effort that you have been putting in to meet your fitness goal.  

It’s 2019, the era of smartphones and smart apps and its time be different and stay strong with your smartphone. Make the optimum use of your smart phone by keeping a tab on your running routine, recording your lifts, or by just timing your HIIT workouts.

Based on the data provided by Flury Analytics, we can see the use of Fitness and Mobile apps among the fitness oriented people keeps growing 9% year over year.

So, this article talks about the top fitness apps in 2019…

#1 Aaptive

After raising a gigantic investment of $20 million last year from Amazon, Disney and Bose for a comprehensive mobile app that offers almost all the forms of workouts led by professional trainers and experts, Aaptive has become a regular day workout app for fitness lovers.

If you prefer group  fitness classes, Aaptive is the app for you. This audio-only app gives you access to expert-level instructors in a studio-setting right on your mobile. Aaptive gives you 2,500 sessions in 12 categories, designed by 20 top level trainers.

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#2 BetterMe

If you find it difficult to follow a strict weight-loss plan then BetterMe could be the right choice for you. It gives you the freedom to modify your regular weight-loss meal(s) and workout plans. Additionally, the healthy diet tips provided by this app allow you to stay in-sync with your present plan. The comprehensive tutorials with very easy to follow instructions can play a very significant role in improving  your overall performance.

#3 Jetfit

Remember those days when you used to walk around the gym with a notepad to write down every exercise of your routine? This app is a new-aged alternative of the old paper method.

This app allows you to track your routine, and work from a huge library of weightloss training programs, and connect with the other people through the social platform provided by the Healthcare app. You can use the free version for the basic experience or you can use the elite version of $7 for accessing more useful content.

#4 Map My Run

If you love running and outdoor activities like cycling, swimming, walking, gym workouts, and many others, Map My Run could be the best fitness tracker for you. It keeps track and maps all your runs. You can also track the mileage on your shoes using this app. Finally this app allows you to find nearby places to run and connect with the 400 devices to import and analyse all your running data in a proper manner.


#5 Romwod

If you are feeling exhausted after a high-octane workout, like CrossFit, then you will really like this app. The daily guided routines are specially designed to optimise your body’s full range of motion. This app also allows you to stream all the content on the computer but iPhone users can access all the data on their devices.

#6 Fitbit

The Fitbit app is not just used for counting steps, but it also gives you other crucial stats – like the amount of calories burned, monitors your heart rate, keep tabs on your food intake, monitors your sleeping  patterns, and much more.

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#7 MyFitnessPal

When it comes to developing rock-solid abs muscles, it’s the diet that plays the major role. My Fitness Pal could be your nutrition-guru when it comes to achieving a beach body look. With an extensive database, barcode scanner, recipe importer, restaurant logger, calorie  counter and valuable insights over foods, this app gives you a very comprehensive platform for your nutrition.

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If you’d prefer to have a more structured eating plan, rather than logging your food all of the time, then the Noom Diet plan could be a good option to choose instead.  Looking at Weight Watchers Reimagined and Noom, it is easy to see the pros and cons of both. They are designed to motivate you to stay the course, and to take away lots of the guess work of dieting.

#8 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Throw yourself a challenge with the 30 Day Fitness Challenge app. The well structured fitness and workout plans provided by this app can help you achieve your desired goal and get you into the routine of working out more regularly.

The app provides you with HD video tutorials that teach you how to do the exercises correctly. This app works seamlessly with the Apple Health.

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#9 10K Runner

If you are a beginner or a 5k runner aiming for a 10k, downloading and installing this app on your iPhone would be a smart decision. It helps you to go from zero to 5k in just eight weeks and, from 5k to 10k in another six weeks. You can also use this app for walk/run intervals, run segments that gradually increases over time, and get audio-guidance from the experienced coaches.

#10 Peloton Digital

This app allows you to stream classes in 5 different categories  that include: cycling, running, bootcamp, outdoor, strength – you can these workouts pretty much anytime and anywhere. The app uploads 20 live each day.

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#11 Full Fitness

This app can be your ideal online personal trainer. Featuring hundreds of exercises with very helpful images and videos, this app can give you the best guidance to strengthen your muscles and achieved the desired body that you are looking for.

#12 Asana Rebel

Make Yoga a part of your regular workout routine without stepping foot inside a yoga studio. You can choose 5 different types of workouts depending on your objective. Be it targeting  different muscle groups or honing your flexibility, this app gives you the best guidance.


#13 Freeletics

The main objective of this app is to offer you a digital personal trainer experience through highly effective bodyweight HIIT training.

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#14 iCardio Workout Tracker

Whether you want to keep a track of your calories, or keep an eye on how well you are performing at the gym, iCardio Workout Tracker can easily live up to most workout related demands.