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The 3 Fundamental Pillars Of Fitness…

The 3 Fundamental Pillars Of Fitness

Absolutely anyone can get fit. That’s right. It may seem like there are some exceptions, and of course, there are injuries and disabilities that prevent us from being able to move, but healthy sustenance, being able to stretch as is healthy for us, and getting enough rest will all contribute to our health in a positive way. No matter your ability, there is a certain path to reduce your health and a certain path to improve it. Of course, certain issues such as unexpected illness can come our way and delay our progress, but for the most part, this fact is true.

Yet fitness is very rarely talked about as a set of personal ethics as much as it is a set of personal goals. We think of reaching our fittest ability as a means in which to better ourselves, not as something we owe to ourselves, something that should be part of each day. People who engage in fitness practices understand that it’s perhaps one of the truest allies we can have, not a harmful or negative authoritarian bully. 

For this reason, we hope to explore the pillars of fitness, to help you understand this positive approach more clearly:


There is no ‘getting fit’ without dedication. Commitment, dedication, and regular practice can seem like very hard work for those that do not usually associate these words with their fitness practice, and that puts them off. But all this really suggests is that good fitness practice composes your day, and should be a lifestyle. When it becomes routine, and you stick with your morning stretches or run, or you stick with yoga, you find that each day you grow in confidence just a little. Remember, you only have to take things one day at a time. The first moment you see results, you’ll become hooked.


Fitness is a fundamentally self-caring approach, no matter what anyone tells you. Take a run in the morning, and you are making the physical declaration that you are worth taking care of and worthy of feeling better. This speaks a thousand words. It’s no wonder that people who are in good shape are the most confident. It’s not because they flaunt their bodies each and every day, or because they’re obnoxious and narcissistic. It’s because for months, or years, they have made the morning declaration that they are worth taking care of. That is the most organic form of confidence-building you could ever have. So why not have it? By our estimation, you’re more than worth it too. Learning that for yourself is the fun part.


Some people go into fitness to get the best body, or to flex well during their summer break, but while fitness does afford us this opportunity, it’s not the soul of the practice. Even people who wish to achieve that must face themselves and challenge themselves each day. A 100kg bench press is still a 100kg bench press, or a 5K run is still a 5K run, no matter how we feel about it that day. It never lies to us. Either we can do it, or train for it, or we can’t. For that reason, there’s a great sense of humility that comes with the best of practice, and even if it goes to your head afterward, at least your victory has substance to it. For that reason, fitness can be character building in the best way.

With this advice, we hope you can better practice the 3 fundamental pillars of fitness.