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The 5 Best Places in Sheffield to Get Fit…


If you live in Sheffield and are looking to either…

  • Lose Weight
  • Build Muscle 
  • Improve Health
  • Increase Fitness 

Or a combination of the above, then no need to spend time scrolling the internet, clicking on websites, reading pages and pages of time consuming info! 

I’ve lived in Sheffield for the last 10 years, and as a personal trainer and passionate fitness enthusiast, i’ve experimented/experienced a bunch of different places to workout in the area. I’ve been a member at 5 different gyms, and explored the city for great ways to get/keep fit!

From my experience here are The 5 Best Places in Sheffield to get Fit

#1 Virgin Active Sheffield 

Ok, slightly expensive! I believe most memberships are around the £50 per month mark! But for those who are happy to spend this amount it’s totally worth it.

Virgin Active Sheffield is perfect for families, you can take your kids swimming, and eat some nice, tasty food in the cafeteria. It’s also a pleasant environment to workout in. It’s clean with ample amounts of facilities and good parking. 

Whether you want to lift weights, or improve cardiovascular fitness, or even flexibility through yoga/pilates there’s something for everyone. 

The classes are particularly excellent, there are 3 spacious class rooms, one for circuit style training (boxercise, body pump, etc), one for spinning and one for yoga/pilates. 

If it’s fitness classes in Sheffield that you are looking for then I couldn’t recommend a better place. 

#2 Xercise4Less Sheffield 

This is the gym i’m currently at and it does not disappoint. For £9.99 a month you can’t complain! 

I would particularly recommend this facility for those looking to build muscle and improve body shape. 

Apart from the low price benefit, there are literally hundreds of weights machines, covering all muscle groups i.e. chest, back, calfs, biceps, triceps, shoulders, legs, etc!

They do lack back machines (could do with a seated row) and better lateral pull down machine – but apart from that it’s an excellent weight lifting facility. 

They also have 6 squat racks, which is perfect for those serious lifters who deadlift, and squat. There’s nothing worse than getting to the gym to have to wait 6 hrs for a squat rack lol! At Xercise4Less Sheffield you are far less likely to wait! 

#3 Ponds Forge

Although i’m not a big fan of the gym facilities (weights and cardio machines) I do rate the swimming pool facilites! 

Swimming is a great way to keep fit, and loose weight. It’s also a very low impact activity – making it joint and muscle friendly. 

If swimming is your main focus then i’d recommend joining. The gym is still acceptable but definitely not the best. 

Prices do change but when I went I was paying £20 per month, and that gave me access to 3 different fitness facilities around Sheffield. 

#4 Hallamshire Tennis Club 

You don’t have to be training for Wimbledon to enjoy a good game of tennis! 

Just 1 hour of tennis could see you burn a whopping 600 calories – depending on your intensity! 

It’s a great way to combine fun and leisure whilst at the same time improving your athleticism, and cardiovascular fitness. 

Although there are quite a few good tennis clubs in Sheffield, I would rate the Hallamshire as the best. Mainly down to the location (Endcliffe Park) and the friendliness of the club. 

Lots of LEP Fitness clients are members and they rave about it too! You can hire a private tennis coach and enjoy friendly/competitive games with friends and other members whilst burning a bunch of calories at the same time! 

#5 LEP Fitness 

Sorry, I had to mention my own personal training business ‘LEP Fitness’!

For the last 6 years i’ve worked extremely hard to build LEP…

To date i’ve completed over 8,500 x 1-1 personal training sessions and written over 600 fitness blogs for my website! 

I work from my own private studio (based just off Abbydale road) and I help people achieve a wide variety of goals. I’ve helped clients lose weight, build muscle, improve sporting performance – the list is endless! Click here to read a bunch of the LEP Success Stories. 

The LEP Studio has a bunch of excellent equipment: weights, medicine balls, fitness matts, squat rack, resistance bands, bench, and a whole bunch of other equipment to give clients everything they need to achieve their desired goal.

Alongside the equipment, you have a passionate coach (me!) who settles for nothing less than results and makes sessions fun and enjoyable – don’t just take my word for it! Check out the hundreds of testimonials on my site. 

Thanks for reading, and good luck on your fitness journey!

get fit in sheffield

Nick 🙂  

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