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The 5 biggest mistakes you’re making in the gym…

The 5 biggest mistakes you're making in the gym…

I qualified to be a personal trainer back in 2005! Over the last 13 years or so i’ve worked with hundreds, and observed thousands of people in commercial gyms. 

I’ve witnessed people get amazing results but on the flip side…

Watched others not change whatsoever, despite going to the gym everyday! 

The truth is that lots of people out there are wasting time in the gym, and missing out on results because they are messing around and making silly mistakes!

Here are The 5 biggest mistakes you’re making in the gym and how to avoid them…

#1 Being Self Conscious 

Too many people go to the gym, feeling low on confidence, I totally get this! Gyms can be intimidating, full of HENCH guys, and attractive women, BIG scary machines and loud house music blasting through the speakers! Daunting much? 

It’s not just unconfident people that need to stop being self conscious but also the people who are in great shape! STOP checking your hair in the mirror every other rep, STOP taking selfies in between sets, and STOP intimidating other members! 

Let’s get real here guys and gals! You’re at the gym to improve your body and health, it’s not a beauty pageant! 

Leave your ego at the door and remember the reason why you’re at the gym in the first place. To improve your health and wellbeing!

Whether you’re overweight, or have a lean body, whether you have a big belly or sculpted 6 pack… you are no better or worse than anybody else in the gym. 

Be confident in who you are. Don’t hide or be embarrassed, and don’t show off and be cocky! Be a good, respectable human being and stop worrying about what other people think, just work hard and FOCUS ON YOUR OWN GOALS. 

#2 Socialising Too Much 

There are people who go to the gym for a chat/social, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. If that means you’re exercising, and having fun and happy with your results then stick at it!

I find however, the people who really get amazing results are the ones that keep their head down and work hard. 

There’s nothing wrong with being friendly with people in the gym and saying “hello”, but don’t spend half your time (or more!) talking about your weekend antics, and what’s happening on Coronation Street (lol!).

Keep your head down, work hard and stay focus. Get in. Get Out.  

#3 Not Training Hard Enough

Ever noticed somebody slowing down on the treadmill because they don’t want to spoil their make-up? lol I have! It’s amazing how many ladies go to the gym dolled up like they’re on a night out! 

I also see lots of guys half heartedly training too! Chilling in between sets, with their shoulders slouched forwards, whilst scrolling through cr*p on their Insta and Facebook feeds! lol.

Get in the gym and work your butt off! Leave your phone in the locker, follow your specific training plan, put on some feel good music, and aim to beat your last session. 

#4 Trying Too Many Different Things!

One day you train arms, the next day… legs, the day after… shoulders, and then the day after… a bit of cardio. 

One week you use machines, the next week…dumbbells, the week after… Kettlebells.

One week you go on Instagram and see a good looking celebrity with a plastic band around their shins, doing some silly glute exercises – so you copy their routine for a few weeks, until you jump onto the next celebrity exercise/workout bandwagon!

I’ve been there done that and got the t-shirt! It’s RUBBISH for results! 

Instead, get a plan of action together and stick to it for at least 6-8 weeks before changing it. Keep things simple. Log your lifts and aim to beat your last workout. Stop jumping between different workout programmes! You’re gonna end up getting no where! 

#5 Bad Technique 

It pains me to see people training in the gym who lift with such bad technique that they are likely to injure themselves! 

It also pains me to see morbidly obese people, new to training, doing box jumps and HIGH impact/HIGH intensity training. You’re going to get injured!

It’s so important to make-sure you are working out correctly. No matter who you are, you should have a proper warm up routine in place, a specific and well structured workout program, and a cool down strategy.

95% of people who train at the gym will benefit from some guidance. Find a personal trainer in your gym or local area who can teach you how to properly execute techniques and put together a structured routine for you to follow for the next 2 months. 

Thanks for reading,

Nick 🙂