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The 7 Pillars Of A Successful Physical Transformation…

The 7 Pillars Of A Successful  Physical Transformation

I’ve been in the fitness industry along time – by the end of this year I’ll have completed over 11,000 personal training sessions!

There are 7 ABSOLUTELY KEY FUNDAMENTALS needed to speed up and maximise results.

If you get these right…

The speed at which you’ll transform your body shape and fitness will be faster than Usain Bolt on roller skates! lol!

In no particular order they are…  

#1 Training Intensity  

So frickin important but most people do not train hard enough to get results, they chat, don’t contract muscles hard enough, fail to break a sweat and have no clue how to train like a Spartan Warrior.

Once a baseline level of fitness has been established, its time to learn how to train with some intensity. You don’t have to throw up, that’s too much! But you do have to learn how to push yourself to your limit.

You have to force the body to adapt and overcome temporary pain and discomfort otherwise the body will be stubborn and stay the same.

#2 Progression  

Are you getting stronger? Fitter? Faster? Leaner? more Athletic?

You need to make progress to get better. 

Again you see so many people in the gym staying the same because they do exactly the same! Same workouts, same weights, same effort, same results! 

Track your progress and always aim to improve, whether that’s lifting more, training harder, increasing reps, improving time, etc, etc.

#3 Specificity  

If you just want to be fit and a good all rounder then do a bit of everything. 

However if you want to look or be a specific way then make sure your training is SPECIFIC.

If the main aim is to look good then you need to train like a bodybuilder. Whether you’re a man or woman! 

If you want to do a half marathon then you’ll need to make running your main style of training – or plenty of cardio like cycling, swimming, rowing, etc.

There are lots of different styles of training you need to BE CLEAR WITH WHAT YOU WANT and also have the right plan in place. 

#4 Nutrition 

Super key as I’m sure you’re already aware! From my experience this is often what people struggle with the most and the part that lets them down.

  • There are lots of temptations, and cheap junk food is readily available everywhere you go! 
  • Friends offer you a beer!
  • Donuts are brought into the office every Friday!
  • Sweets are strategically placed at the check out counter – damn you Percy Pigs 
  • Takeout flyers are posted into your house!
  • You drive past McDonalds, KFC, and Burger King on your way to work!

Etc etc. 

It can be hard BUT in order to maximise your results you do need to have an eating plan and consistently follow it – at least 80% of the time. 

#5 Rest & Recovery 

Plenty of us are…

  • Overworked.
  • Tired.
  • Stressed.
  • Achy.
  • Suffering with bad backs and posture.

I could go on and on!

We live in a fast paced society with constant distraction, entertainment, stimulants, stress – and social bloooody media . Our bodies and minds never switch off.

Downtime is so incredibly important. You can do this by…

  • Going on holiday.
  • Taking a nice relaxing bath.
  • Getting some sunshine.
  • Walking (a personal favourite of mine – because it clears the head and burns calories )
  • Having a massage.
  • Foam rolling and stretching.

Make sure to plan time into each week where you chill the heck out. Switch off your phone, and do something that calms and relaxes you. 

#6 Consistency 

One week you train like Arny in Terminator 2…

The next week…

You can’t be bothered!

One week you’re on your diet…

The next week…

Eating everything in site, double portions and calling yourself Augustus from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 

Consistency is KEY . It may sound boring but it’s what all successful people share in common. It’s doing the basics day in and day out.

#7 Mindset 

You’ll hear me talk about this lots on my fitness blog – mindset is key. You’ve got to work on the inside just as much (if not more for most people!) on improving your mind.

  • Building belief into your psyche. 
  • Learning how to overcome obstacles and barriers – both physically and mentally (although its often the mind thats holding us back!)
  • Overcoming insecurities.
  • Finding your WHY – your real motivation that sparks fire in your belly 24/7  and makes you want to go out into the world and kick ass. 

Thanks for reading,

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Nick 🙂