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The 8 Best Fitness Gurus To Follow In 2019…


There are some incredible individuals in the fitness industry, those with an amazing amount of knowledge, passion and enthusiasm to help others and make our industry a better place.

On the flip side our industry is also saturated with CON MEN, those out to make a quick buck, sell crappy 8 week generic programmes, and who are so focused on their own EGO that they don’t care about anyone else! Imagine Zoo Lander on steroids (pardon the pun) 

For those new to the industry it can be hard to know who to follow and who to trust!

That said after working in the fitness industry for the last 10 years I know the people who are the ‘real deal’ and how much value they provide to our industry…

If you’re a…

Personal trainer looking to grow and build a successful PT business 


Someone looking for great advice in relation to health and fitness 

Then you need to check out these people…

The 8 Best Fitness Gurus To Follow In 2019…

#1 Mark Coles

Mark Coles - M10 Fitness

I did a couple of 1-1 personal training sessions with Mark Coles back in 2013 at M10 Fitness. I was very impressed with his knowledge and also at how well he ran his business. Although I went to Mark to help me out with my own physique, for me the biggest thing(s) I took away from the experience was how to conduct myself as a coach and how to run a successful PT business. 

If you’re a personal trainer trying to grow your business then you need to follow people who’ve built up successful personal training businesses and those who know what they are talking about. Mark is a great personal trainer but also an equally smart businessman. 

#2 Jordan Peters

jordan peters - trained by JP

If bodybuilding is your thing then you’ve got to check out Jordan Peters. Apart from being an absolute beast from the east – he’s the width of a double decker bus! he’s also super switched on when it comes to the science of bodybuilding. 

I joined his site last year and spent 2 months of my life totally addicted to watching his videos. By becoming a member you gain access to hundreds of videos, which cover training, nutrition, supplementation and performance enhancing drugs, to name but a few topics. For the athlete or individual looking to grow some serious muscle mass, or looking to compete on stage then you’ve got to check him out. 

#3 Daniel Luke

Daniel Luke - Fitness

I first came across Daniel Luke about 4 years ago, after a friend showed me a video of him competing on a bodybuilding stage. His physique was extremely impressive, which lead me to following him in an attempt to gain some insight into his training style, nutrition, etc. 

Recently however, Dan has moved from a bodybuilding way of life to a more generalised fitness approach, doing things that bodybuilders don’t do, for example focusing on cardiovascular health, and working on multiple areas of fitness, mobility, cardio, strength, speed, cross fit, and challenging the body in more ways than just lifting a bunch of weights from A to B! 

For me personally this is something I relate to, and I think it’s a very healthy way of living. Bodybuilding is in many ways a very unhealthy sport, it’s selfish, time consuming and despite looking the part, it can be an isolated/unhealthy way of life. Just because somebody looks healthy on the outside doesn’t always mean they are healthy on the inside. 

What I like about Dan Luke is that he seems to enjoy training, not only for the physical results but for the metal benefits too. For Dan fitness is a way of life, it’s something that can be controlled and an activity which builds mind, body, and spirit. 

#4 Ben Coomber

Ben Coomber - fitness

I’d like to thank Ben Coomber for providing me with hours and hours of entertainment whilst grinding out LISS cardio sessions at 6am in the morning! lol! You’ve entertained me through some pretty bleak hours! 

Ben is a really likeable bloke and has a wealth of experience in the fitness industry. I would particularly recommend checking out his podcasts. They are full of interesting guests, topics and golden nuggets in relation to all things health and fitness. From eating disorders, to muscle building, fat loss, mental health, supplementation, sleep, rest and recovery, you name it! 

#5 Jamie Alderton 

jamie alderton

Jamie in my opinion is a marketing genius, he knows how to attract followers, create a stir and most importantly make a positive impact on the health and fitness industry. What I admire with Jamie is that he’s not afraid to speak his mind and stir the pot… and the truth is that most of what he says is spot on! 

I also like the fact that he does crazy challenges, like pushing a sled about for 24hrs and running a marathon….backwards! lol i’m not even kidding! I would highly recommend following him if you want to be entertained, and learn from a switched on dude.  

#6 Phil Learney 

phil learney fitness

Probably the coach that’s helped me out the most during my personal training career. I’ve been to 3 of Phil’s seminars and every time I came away with an abundance of insight. I also signed up to his ACA academy a couple of years ago, which has not only made me a better coach i.e. gaining more knowledge on the body, training programmes, anatomy, nutrition, etc… BUT also made me a better businessman. The business modules in the ACA have helped me to develop a better personal training business, and increase my yearly income. 

#7 Nick Mitchell 

Nick Mitchell

I think Nick Mitchell is like Marmite… you either love him or hate him! lol. He certainly doesn’t mince his words and is very direct… but i’d say 95% of the time he’s pretty spot on! Nick has created a hugely successful global brand with his gym/personal training business Ultimate Performance. He has gyms/personal training facilities in London, Singapore, LA, to name but a few. 

If you’re a personal trainer looking to model your business on a very successful company then you need to follow Nick. He will make you laugh, sometimes cringe (lol!) but he does hit the nail on the head more often than not! 

#8 Phil Graham

Phil Graham personal trainer

I really like Phil because he’s very positive and has come along way in the personal training industry. He’s gone from being a very respected coach to being a well respected businessman, who now helps personal trainers grow their own businesses. 

He puts out great content on a regular basis and he’s definitely worth following. It’s easy to relate to his posts, and he’s honest – he talks about the good, bad, and everything in between – unlike lots of fitness gurus out there claiming to lead the perfect lifestyle (which is a load of BS!) 

Thanks for reading, if you enjoyed this post please leave your comment below. Please also share with a friend (sharing is caring!) and my aim is to help spread the word to make our industry a better place…

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Nick 🙂