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The Benefits: CBD Oil in Health & Fitness…

The Benefits: CBD Oil in Health & Fitness

You want to push your body to its ultimate capacity and achieve your goals when you work out. You want to sustain optimum energy and to endure as you strengthen your muscles in your workout routine.

Unfortunately, even the strongest and most athletic have their limits, and even they cannot push themselves.

Most commonly, goto supplements such as a protein shake, creatine, or any other energy boosters are used to enhance your athletic performance or workout routine, but even so, they can only take you so far.

Using a more potent substance will give you that extra edge on your workouts, and Cannabidiol (CBD) can do just that!

What is CBD Oil?

If you aren’t already familiar with CBD, to understand how it is believed to impact workouts, it is important to recognise what CBD is.

In a nutshell, CBD oil is made from marijuana plants. Firstly, let’s clear the air and resolve the fact that CBD oil is not an illegal substance. The thought can be quite daunting, but let me explain the difference before you stop reading:

Marijuana plants often give off a “buzzed” feeling which is caused by a substance in the plant called tetrahydrocannabinol, which is a psychoactive chemical. Cannabidiol is a completely different chemical. The active compound does not include any psychoactive chemical, and according to studies, has many great benefits within the fitness industry!

Why is CBD Oil so Beneficial in Fitness?

Now you know that CBD is, where it comes from, and that it is 100% legal and safe to use, and mainly, realising that it does not have the same, narcotic effects that weed contain, It is crucial to understand the substance’s benefits.

Heres how the use of cannabidiol can aid your workout and athletic performance:

Muscle Growth

Unfortunately, our body is unable to grow muscle naturally, which is the main reason why we go to the gym, to build muscle, because as we all know… it won’t grow itself! It is one of the commonly faced problems in the fitness industry as our bodies contain catabolic hormones that have the job of breaking muscle down.

But… how can we prevent our catabolic hormones from breaking down all our hard earned muscle?

Well, you’re in luck! CBD products reduce the number of catabolic hormones in the body. Due to having lower catabolic hormones, CBD works as an anti-catabolic supplement meaning that muscle cannot be broken down as quickly, allowing more room for muscle mass growth.

Weight Loss

Whether it be for gaining muscle mass or dropping the pounds, CBD has also been proven to regulate blood sugar levels. Regulating one’s blood sugar levels means that there is less fat being stored in your body by the pancreas being unable to produce any fat-storing hormones.

Now, this is not a rapid weight fast technique, this allows the person to regulate their blood sugar levels in order to lose weight safely and accordingly.

Pain Relief

I am going to throw some science at you here… so be prepared!

Every time we complete a workout or any form of physical activity, our body naturally breaks itself down in order to rebuild. Due to our body going through this state of our body attempting to heal itself, we experience muscle soreness, feeling lethargic and even exhausted. This is known as post-workout inflammation. Our brain contains cannabinoid receptors, also known as CB1. Also found on our cells linked to our immune system is CB2, a type 2 cannabinoid receptor. The fact that both of these receptors have been found naturally on our body’s immune cells leads scientists to believe that CBD plays a vital role in the regulation of the immune system. On top of this accusation, studies have shown that CBD helps with the vanquish of cytokine and chemokine production, which basically are “chemo-attractant molecules”, which attract cells to sites of inflammation. While CBD has been proven to squish these molecules, it also increases our T-regulatory cell production, but to simplify that, CBD is helping our body build a stronger anti-inflammatory mechanism.

Stress and Anxiety

Dealing with stress and anxiety can really contribute to the demotivation to do anything exercise-related.

There have been studies that have found more in-depth information that CBD can be used in the therapy of a range of mental health conditions, with anxiety being one of those. A recent study carried out by the University of São Paulo showed that CBD reduces subjective anxiety, concluding that CBD helps suppress social anxiety disorder.

In Conclusion

CBD has an amazing variety of fitness and health benefits. If you are looking to build muscle or lose weight, CBD products would be definitely worth looking into, purely because of the great benefits! CBD products come in many forms, with just a few being CBD Balm, CBD Oil & CBD Crystals etc.