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The fitness industry has seen an explosion in people looking to get fit by either joining a local gym or seeking a personal fitness instructor to get healthy.

This demand for fitness services has resulted in new growth for fitness related businesses whether that’s joining a traditional gym, yoga class or something similar.

In an already crowded market, and to make sure you stand out it’s super important for you to have an online presence.

If you’re ready to launch your new fitness related business, then consider using WordPress as your online website platform – using a beautiful and functional theme which will you help to draw in new customers.

Not only will using WordPress help you build an online presence and be more visible in search engines, as it’s an SEO friendly platform, but the beautiful themes available will allow you to showcase your services in user friendly way.

WordPress is simple to use, free for commercial use, and powers over 40% of all the websites in the world.

Which Fitness theme should I choose?

When looking for a gym or fitness theme you need to ensure that its responsive in nature. What this essentially means is that it will be mobile friendly.

With so many people on the go and using their mobiles to browse the web having a mobile-friendly site is crucial.

You also want a highly versatile and customisable theme that will allow you to make it your own and unique in nature. Choosing the right one can make you stand out from the crowd.

Another aspect you want to ensure is that your new theme has the ability to integrate time schedule management, instructor pages, contact forms and of course a payment system.

So, without further ado, here are our Top 5 Recommended Fitness Themes which tick all the requirements you should be looking for.

1) Fitness Club – A dedicated health and fitness theme

This WordPress theme has a fresh and youthful looking feel to it. It’s perfect for fitness centres, gym’s, yoga and ballet studios.

 Fitness Club – A dedicated health and fitness theme

The theme is packed full of features to ensure your new site looks professional. It has an integrated calendar which you can use to display all your upcoming classes, whether that’s yoga, cardio, weightlifting or something similar.

There are 2 class view types to choose from so you can display all your available classes clearly. This ties in nicely with the dedicated class pages to display your programs in greater detail.

The theme also provides dedicated pages for your coaches and trainers so that they can showcase their experience, skills and awards too.

A pricing page allows you to display pricing clearly. This is in combination with a cost calculator that potential customers can use to find out how much a class will cost them overall.

The shop can also be used to sell accessories, supplements and anything else that your fitness business may want to supply.

#2 TopFit – Gym and Fitness theme

TopFit - Gym and Fitness theme

A great looking WordPress theme that can be adapted very easily for personal trainers, gym instructors and fitness centres.

TopFit is a retina-ready theme. Of course, it’s mobile friendly so you can be assured that it will look super crisp & professional to anyone visiting the site.

The theme itself is ‘feature rich’ giving you everything that’s required for a fully functional fitness website. 

It has an integrated calendar which you can use to display program dates all of which are linked to there specific classes to provide more details. On the accompanying page, not only are the details of the program displayed, but the instructor/coach information and all the applicable dates are too.

You also have the option for dedicated instructor/coach pages to showcase their specific skill and awards.

As with the other themes, it also comes with a dedicated page to show programme pricing which can be linked to the built-in shop. Again, not only can you take payment for your programmes, but you can also sell any additional items that you choose to provide.

Lastly, a unique feature of this theme is the built-in BMI calculator. Allow your potential customers to quickly calculate there BMI. That’s sure to impress them and prompt them to take action.

#3 Gym X A Gym & Sports Club Theme

A super theme to showcase your Gym or fitness centre programmes.

Gym X A Gym & Sports Club Theme

This WordPress theme is perfect for your gym. It will showcase all the traditional programmes that gym typically has. From strength training, weightlifting, cardio to core strength.

Again, it has all the features integrated so that you can have dedicated instructor/coach pages to display their skills. It also has dedicated programme class pages to provide full class details.

The integrated calendar can be used independently on its own page or with a programme page. The choice is entirely yours. 

Included is a dynamic calendar that customers can use to book required classes directly from the calendar schedule itself, so you can quickly get your classes filled up.

Another bonus with this theme is the dedicated member signup page. Potential customers can register to become a member via your configurable plans quickly and easily. Registrations can either be automated or manually approved. Its all in your control.

All of this is tightly integrated with the built-in shop for you to take payments quickly. The shop will also allow you to sell any accessories, supplements and related products directly from your shop.

#4 Prowess Fitness and Yoga Theme

Looking to showcase your yoga programmes? Then this is the theme for you…

The Prowess theme looks clean and stylish to show off your yoga programmes.

As with the other themes, this one is also feature rich and comes with an integrated dynamic calendar. Although it’s not as tightly integrated to the shop, its styling is definitely better looking.

As for the online shop, you can use this to sell memberships, accessories or any other product that you choose to offer.

This theme also has a BMI calculator which your customers can use to quickly calculate their body mass index. It’s pretty accurate too.

This theme shines in the way its features are displayed. Not only are retina images used but the overall use of layouts makes it user-friendly and very pleasing to look at. 

A definite cut above the rest. The only negative is that’s it’s not that tightly integrated with the online shop as the other themes are. However, it’s still worthy of consideration.

#5 InShape – A Fitness theme for Gyms & Bloggers

Lastly, this theme is perfect for enthusiasts and bloggers to provide health-related information.

InShape - A Fitness theme for Gyms & Bloggers

Unlike the other themes which are for gyms, fitness centres, yoga classes etc we couldn’t leave out hobbyist bloggers or enthusiasts that want to share educational information with the world!

Although this theme can also be used for fitness centres and gyms the layout and structures are perfect for providing nutritional information, diet plans, workout plans and anything of a similar nature.

This can be perfect for a personal trainer who wants to share their expertise and then provide bespoke personal training plans to clients.

Again, the built-in shop will allow you to set up your own bespoke plans that potential customers can sign up to when you have wowed them with your expertise.

A superb looking theme which not as fully featured as the rest is still highly deserving of a mention.


In summary, whether you’re looking for a theme to use for a traditional gym, a fitness centre OR even as a traditional blog, these dedicated WordPress themes are sure to fit the bill.

Unlike other themes which are generally multipurpose, these themes are dedicated towards the health and fitness niche and thus will provide all the features that you’re bound to need.

Each of these themes are easy to use and control. You can import any of the demos via the click of a button and then update the content using the admin panel.

Adding in your plans, products and time schedules is also a breeze to do, it’s very intuitive and user-friendly to do. You definitely don’t need to be a web developer to take advantage of the features of any of these themes.

How have we done? Have we missed anything out? Be sure to comment below and let us know if you have any questions.


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