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The costs involved with getting fit for summer

The costs involved with getting fit for summer

Have you set yourself a fitness target for the summer? With warmer weather and fewer clothes to hide under + holidays to factor in, many of us aim to reach our peak when the summer months come back around. And we’re prepared to spend our money to help us get there. 

The UK’s health and fitness industry is appropriately healthier than it’s ever been. Research shows it boasts more gyms, more paying members and a greater market value than it ever has before.  

There are lots of other factors involved too, of course, so you might want to weigh up your financial choices. Here are some of the key costs to think about on your fitness journey.    

Gym and sports club memberships

There are lots of reasons why people sign up for the gym. You might want to use the equipment to build muscle or fit in some cardio, which a basic membership should cover. For a little extra spend, exercise classes can be a good way to make friends or simply try something new. 

Many gyms also offer personal trainers. When you book a personal trainer, you’re paying for their expertise and motivational skills as well as their time. It could be just what you need to get going. 

Many sports clubs also charge membership fees from £10-£60 per month. These go towards general running costs such as equipment or facility hire. 


The phrase ‘all the gear and no idea’ is often used to describe budding fitness fans – and all that gear can come at a cost. 

The right footwear is vital whatever activities you’re undertaking. Investing in the right shoes can help prevent common or recurring injuries, and you may need to spend a little more to get a pair tailored to your feet. Sport or exercise-specific shoes can also boost your performance, giving you more power or agility. 

Then there’s technology. Fitness devices record interesting data such as your level of activity and heart rate, then log it all in easy-to-use apps. There’s no need to go overboard, however – start with a budget option then upgrade if you’re confident you’ll get value out of it.        


Getting the right nutrition is essential to fitness. The British Nutrition Foundation advises that eating well can enhance your performance, reduce the risk of injury and illness, and support recovery.

It’s easy to spend lots of money on protein products and supplements, but in truth, you should be able to get everything you need from your diet. Your shopping list will vary depending on your goals. I create separate custom meal plans for weight loss, building muscle and health and wellbeing, as well as tailoring them for men and women.

Seeing my clients build and improve is my favourite part of my job. What have you set your sights on this summer?