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The Health Benefits of Regular Hot Tub Use…

The Health Benefits of Regular Hot Tub Use

A hot tub may seem like a luxury purchase, but many people get them for the range of health benefits they offer. Whether you are in training and need to relieve sore muscles or having ongoing back pain and want some relief, a hot tub can help. 

When you use a hot tub regularly, you will see changes in your wellbeing, happiness and routine as well as reducing chronic pain and improving your sleep. Take a moment to check out some of the biggest benefits and then start using your hot tub to its full potential.

Relief From Lower Back Pain

Do you have nagging back pain or ongoing issues with your back that needs attention? More than 80% of people will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives, which can have a detrimental effect on your outlook and attitude. Hydrotherapy is a common treatment and has become more popular as hot tubs have become more accessible.

The combination of heat, water, and weightlessness in a hot tub will help your muscles relax, pain to decrease, and improve movement. Many people report that regular hot tub sessions help them achieve greater mobility and flexibility in everyday activities that once were unachievable.

Many medics support the use of a hot tub as a way to support back care treatment, and while it may not be the only treatment available, it is one of the least invasive and most relaxing options out there!

Relieves Sore Muscles & Aids Recovery

If you have pushed yourself too far in a workout or need to add recovery time into your training regime, then a hot tub may be a great way to do that. When you are in the water, you will be putting less pressure and stress on your joints and muscles, meaning you are less likely to suffer injury.

When your body is in hot water, your blood vessels can relax, which improves your blood flow. In turn, your blood can carry protein and oxygen into your muscles so that they can work on repairing themselves before your next training session.

Hot tubs can also be used to move around so that you can push your body that little bit further without suffering negative results. According to the hot tub publication Whatspa.co.uk, hot tubs are great for anyone who is training because they offer hydrostatic pressures, viscosity, and buoyancy, which, when combined, create an optimal training area with minimal risk of injury.

Improved Sleep

With more people struggling with insomnia and other sleep disorders than ever before, finding new ways to resolve the vicious sleep cycle, we find ourselves in is important. Many people turn to medications, but there may be a better solution for you to consider – a hot tub!

Taking time out to soak in hot water with soothing lights or music playing helps to prepare your body for sleep and takes you away from distractions that will stimulate your brain, like screens. Studies show that people who spend half an hour in a hot tub before going to bed enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep than those who do not. 

Interestingly, this wind-down time does not need to be alone to be effective, and so you can choose to invite the whole family to join you and catch up on what everyone has been doing. By having this time out, you will also enjoy a better connection with your loved ones. 

Reduced Stress

With all the pressures people are currently facing, it’s no shock to learn that stress, anxiety and depression are rising. Many people are overworked and unable to take the time out they need to reset and unwind. This pressure does not just come from employment either – it can be pressures at home, parenting, friendships or the never-ending to-do list that haunts you all day long.

Getting into a hot tub gives you the timeout you need to unwind, destress and process the day. By doing this, you provide your brain with an opportunity to recognise any negative feelings you have experienced and deal with them before you move on to your next activity.

However, if you find that your evenings are too busy for time in the tub then taking twenty minutes before your day starts will give you the same reflection time and set you up for the day ahead.

Being mindful and recognising the stresses and strains you are dealing with will help you improve your psychological state and give you a more positive outlook on the world. It’s a vital part of keeping well.

It is clear that the range of benefits offered by a hot tub can have long-lasting and positive effects on your health and wellbeing. If you have one, then schedule some regular time to enjoy it, if not, maybe it is time to invest in one!

Nick Screeton