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The Healthiest Day Ever! Can you hack this challenge?


Have you got what it takes? 

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This week I thought it would be super cool to set you a challenge…

To complete the ‘Healthiest Day Ever!’

Are you up for this???

If you said ‘Yes!’ let’s get stuck in…

7am – Get Up

  • Take a multivitamin
  • Drink a pint of water
  • Think of 10 things that your grateful for – if your stuck here’s some ideas: being alive, being able to walk, talk, read, write, think, speak, having a roof over your head, your children, food in the cupboards, clean water to drink, a good job, etc, etc
  • Take a warm shower. Just before your about to jump out, switch the temperature to the coldest setting (the colder the better!), stay in the shower for 10-20s and focus on breathing fast to help keep you warm. This freezing cold water will improve circulation, wake you up and reduce inflammation.

7.30am – Breakfast

Buff Protein Porridge…

protein porridge
  1. add 75g of oats into a frying pan
  2. add 200-300ml of almond milk (depending on how you like your porridge – runny or stodgy?)
  3. Add in 30g of whey protein
  4. Mix the ingredients up
  5. Put the hob on a low heat and cook, frequently stir for 5-10 minutes until done
  6. Add in a banana + either a handful of nuts (20-30g) or a scoop of almond butter (20g) to fill you up even further.

8-9am – Walk 

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Go for a nice morning stroll, focus on your breathing and live in the present moment. Take a look at your surroundings, appreciate the colours, feel your feet landing on the ground and enjoy some quiet time to reflect.

10am – Snack & Chill 

Grab a Whey Protein Shake (50g) + 30g cashew nuts

Then take some time out to relax, watch some TV or read

12pm – Workout Time 

Watch the video below and then complete routine (see below video):

The Workout…

1) Burpees (20 reps, rest 20s, 15 reps, rest 15s, 10 reps, rest 10s, 5 reps, rest 5s)
2) High knees (200 reps)
3) Star Jumps (25 reps
4) Air punches (100 reps)

1pm – Lunch 

Protein Pancakes…

protein pancakes - lep fitness - sheffield personal trainer
  1. Mix in a bowl: 250ml water, 2 Eggs, 30g protein powder, 40g porridge oats
  2. Melt 10g of butter into a pan
  3. Place mix into pan and cook for 2-3 minutes before flipping, then cook for a further 2-3 minutes until crisp
  4. Once cooked, add 15g of runny honey, a handful of blueberries and sliced banana + a sprinkle of cinnamon

You can also watch the video of how to make these delicious pancakes 

2-3pm – Nap Time

Take an afternoon nap to help you re-charge your batteries and rejuvenate the body. It can be challenging sometimes to sleep in the day, so I would recommend picking up a Sleeping Mask and putting on some classical or chilled out music to help you mellow. If you struggle to sleep just put some TV on and relax.

3-4pm – Geeking it Up!

101 Amazing Fat Loss & Mind Hack Secrets (You Need to Know!) & Don’t Want To Miss…

It’s time to sharpen up on that knowledge! Sit back and relax and read 101 Amazing Fat Loss & Mind Hack Secrets – The most popular article i’ve written to date. It took me 6 months to write and I share some serious knowledge bombs on fat loss and improving mindset!

5pm – Snack Time

Grab a portion of fruit of your choice!

6pm – Ab O’Clock!

Watch the video below and then complete routine (see below video):

The Workout…

1) Crunch into reverse crunch (60s)
2) Running mountain climbs (60s)
3) Toe touch crunches (60s)
4) Bicycle crunches (60s)

Complete all 4 exercises one after another and then rest for 60s, then repeat for 1 more round.

If your feeling like a SPARTAN go for another round!!! #warriorMode

7pm – Dinner

Yolkie Dokie…



  • Chicken
  • Bacon
  • Eggs
  • Mixed veg
  • Grass fed butter

How To Cook:

  1. Fry chicken in grass fed butter (4-8 minutes), add bacon in half way, cook until crisp.
  2. Put your veg in boiling water for 5 minutes (or microwave if your in a rush ).
  3. Fry an egg (or 2! If your greedy like me ) and serve BOOM!!!!
  4. Bobs your uncle!

7.30pm – Bath Time!

Run yourself a lovely warm bath and add in a heaped cup of magnesium salts to help your muscles relax further.

When your in the bath think about how great you’ve done! reflect on what you learned from 101 Amazing Fat Loss & Mind Hack Secrets, and think about how you can incorporate some of the things you’ve completed into your regular daily routine.

8pm – Movies and Duvet!

Time to chill out and watch a good movie (or start a new series on Netflix!). Make-sure to treat yourself to a slither of Dark Chocolate (the darker the better (more antioxidants!)

10pm –  Bed Time!

Congratulations you’ve made it through ‘The Healthiest Day Ever!’

nick screeton - sheffield personal trainer sheffield

What did you enjoy? please let me know by leaving your comments below i’d love to hear from you.

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