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Why we do what we do? The LEP Fitness ethos…

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Empowering People… 

We are extremely passionate about helping people reach their goals and have years of experience working with a wide range of clientele, which has helped us to develop a deep understanding of what our clients want and need.

Whether you’re old, young, fit or unfit, looking to build muscle, annihilate body fat or train for a specific event, competition or sport we have the solutions and we want to help you:

  • Transform your health, fitness and body with the freedom to lead a happy, flexible and fun life-style
  • Provide a customised plan of action, optimally designed for each member goal(s)
  • Supply the highest quality professional coaching
  • Support you every step of the way and by “Going the Extra Mile” for our members, providing a first class service that’s been built over the years on reputation and a proven track record of results.

We are extremely passionate about helping you get the results you want. We can guarantee that you will achieve fast results, and have fun during the process – just ask our members!

Our Commitment To You:

At LEP Fitness we strive to “Go the Extra Mile” for all our members, relentlessly providing our ‘Tribe’ with extra value. We supply you with absolutely everything you’re going to need and more.

You’ll find it difficult to put a price on the intangible support you will receive such as personal motivation and your new healthy mindset. You’ll also receive a handful of personal surprises along the way.

We formulate transformational action plans, helping members to achieve and surpass their fitness ambitions in the quickest, most effective way possible. As personal trainers it’s absolutely imperative that we educate you correctly and look at the big picture, working our plan(s) in and around your lifestyle, work and social life thus enabling you not only to transform physically but allowing you the freedom to lead a happy, flexible and fun life.

We strive to carefully plan an individualised plan of action, completely tailored towards your goals and personal needs. During this process you will receive all the help and support you deserve and more, whilst being guided through your journey step-by-step by a coach who cares about your health and well-being.

Who We Are

LEP Fitness is a Sheffield based personal training company that provides our members with a short-cut route to successful physical transformation and optimum fitness. LEP stands for the ‘Life Enrichment Program’ and that’s exactly what we do, ‘enhance’ the lives of the people we work with. We provide our ‘Tribe’ with a professional service, and deliver excellent results.

This is not our job, it’s our passion. When we are not training clients, we are training, or reading fitness/health related content, or on training courses. The passion to help you and others get into the best shape of your life is what drives our actions on a daily basis. Please visit our numerous testimonials on this website to see what the LEP Tribe has to say about our service.