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Do you know this? The low down on carbs & why they are not so bad after all…


The low down on carbs…

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I’m about to drop some absolute knowledge bombs 💣💣💣

Yipee Kia as Arni would say!

Ok so let’s get one thing straight carbs are not bad for you.

Yep I said it!



Only when you eat too much of them.

But that’s the same for all food.

Carbs don’t make you FAT!

Too many calories do!

Remember weight loss is pretty simple…

Calories in – calories out

It’s not carbs that make you fat it’s the fact that your eating too many calories!

The trouble with carbs….

There so easy to over eat.

Try overeating on meat, vegetables and fish and your going to find it EXTREMELY difficult.

Try overeating on pizza, chocolate, cake and pasta and it’s not too difficult because they taste pretty dam good!

Carbs also have a greater impact on blood sugar levels. When you eat carbs in high doses your energy levels rise dramatically and then eventually slump and you crave more carbs to pick you up.

Carbs are fast acting so when your blood sugar levels crash your body will automatically crave these foods.

If your not careful you end up in a vicious cycle….

Carbs, crash, carbs, crash, etcetera…

Because carbs are easy to over eat on over time weight gain is inevitable.

Low Carb Diets…

Low carb diets work because it’s easier to stay within a controlled calorie range. Remember fat loss is calories in – calories out.

High protein/fat diets also help keep you fuller for longer and reduce the chances of over eating.

Trouble is carbs are tasty and when we eradicate them from our diets we eventually cave in and binge!

Have you been there?

I have! Many times, so don’t worry!

Therefore it’s wise to keep some carbs in your diet to prevent yo-yo dieting.

How To Use Carbs to your advantage…

  1. Consume higher amounts of complex carbs (sweet potato, rice) as opposed to sugary, refined carbs.
  2. Keep carbs around workouts (pre, and post workout) – your much more likely to use them for energy.
  3. Avoid the foods you find hard to control and over eat. If you have a sweet tooth and are a chocoholic, probably best to avoid chocolate for a while. You could however satisfy your sweet tooth with other things; hot chocolate drink, ice cream, etc. Its very case specific.
  4. Consume a handful of protein with each meal. It will help keep you fuller for longer.
  5. Have a couple of low carb days each week. I usually spread my low carb days and have them on Wednesday and Sunday.
  6. Lift weights, the more muscle you have the easier it will be to utilise carbohydrates, storing them and using them for energy instead of getting fatter. For some FREE muscle building workouts please click here 

I hope you enjoyed, if you benefitted and learned a thing or two please show some love  and ‘share’ this post with a partner, family member or friend. Everyone’s a winner then!

Stay tuned for more tips over the next few months.

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