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The Power of Exercise : Morning Reflections…


On my morning run I stopped off at the park to do some pull ups. I noticed a dad working out with his kids (they were approx 4-6 years old).

Their dad was doing push ups, whilst they were messing about on the outdoor gym equipment, exercising , smiling, giggling, and most importantly having fun!

About 10 minutes later an older guy (65+) came, put down his back pack and started working out too, using the bodyweight shoulder press machine and other bits of park gym gear.

I stopped for a moment and thought “wow this is amazing”. You’ve got the old, young and middle aged all exercising and taking good care of their bodies. 

Exercise is a wonderful thing and I believe we all need it in our lives regardless of our age, workload or daily stresses.

For those out there ‘moving’ and trying to improve yourself on a daily basis I take my hat off to you!

For those who aren’t, you are doing a disservice to yourself. BUT that’s ok, life goes out of balance at times and it’s OK as long as you recognise it and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT…

This next week go out, get moving and make it happen. Whether it’s a gym workout, a run, a bike ride, taking the steps (instead of the elevator), whatever it is just move more and invest in yourself.

It’s one of the best investments you can make and your life will be richer for it. 

Nick 🙂