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The Ultimate Bodybuilders Rucksack : What You Need In Your Gym Bag…


10 things all bodybuilders need in their tool bag…

The ultimate aim of this post is to give you the tools you need to become a better bodybuilder. The 10 products that i’m about to share with you will help boost performance, increase strength, speed up recovery and most importantly help you slap on some serious muscle mass!

So Many Products – What The Heck Do I Buy? 

With so many fancy products on the fitness market – all claiming to enhance performance, it can be hard to know who to trust and what to buy.

If you’re not careful you can end up spending a small fortune on gimmicks which don’t deliver what they claim – they do however  burn a hole in you wallet and leave you broke!

I’ll be the first to admit i’ve wasted lots of money on such items, in fact I remember blowing half of my student loan on lame fitness gimmicks! I want to stop you from making the same mistakes as me and that’s why I’ve written this post.

The Ultimate Bodybuilders Rucksack : What You Need In Your Gym Bag…

#1 Lifting Belt 

lifting belt to improve squat

If you want to slap on some serious muscle and add extra weight to your squat, and deadlift then it’s definitely worth investing in a lifting belt. A belt can prevent lower back injury as it keeps your core locked in place.

#2 Squat Shoes 

squat shoes with LEP Fitness

An absolute essential piece of kit for any serious bodybuilder who’s looking to improve their squat, and deadlift. Unlike typical gym trainers, which are soft and designed to lower impact, squat shoes provide a flat, and solid base which is designed to help improve stability, and generate more force – allowing you to lift heavier and slap on more muscle mass!

#3 Foam Roller

foam rolling helps recovery

A foam roller is a great product to use for warming up and cooling down. The main use of a foam roller is to release tight muscles. It’s basically like getting a sports massage – you apply pressure to the tight/sore area and either pause on the spot or gently roll over to increase blood flow and remove knots. I personally use a foam roller pre and post training, typically spending anything from 10-20 minutes.  Check out 8 of the best foam rolling exercises.

#4 Lacrosse Ball 

lacrosse ball for soft tissue work

Similar to the foam roller the lacrosse ball is used to target tight areas. The difference between the lacrosse ball and a foam roller is that you can pin point more specific areas with a lacrosse ball as it’s smaller. You could also use a golf ball but I generally find the lacrosse ball easier to use (a golf ball is too small!)

#5 Wrist Straps 

are wrist straps good?

If you want to develop a HUMONGOUS back then wrist straps are going to be your best friend. More often than not it’s not our back that fails but our wrists and grip. You’ll notice this on exercises like rows, pull downs and pull ups. Wrist straps will prevent this from happening, allowing you to lift more weight and prevent fatigue. They are a must buy for any serious bodybuilder.

#6 Log Book 

gym log book

One of the best and cheapest bits of kit! In order to progress and get bigger, you have to constantly be lifting heavier weights and pushing the boundaries. The best way to record and monitor progress is to buy a logbook and record every set and rep. I like to write all my notes down with a tactical pen. That way you can look at your previous workout and aim to beat it. I can’t stress how important this is.

#7 Knee Straps 

knee straps for squats

As you go heavier on leg exercises your joints will inevitably take a beating, the heavier you go the more likely you’ll expose yourself to pain and injury. I’m a big fan of using knee straps to support the knees and keep them in place. They also give you a psychological boost, helping you feel safer before hoping under the bar and squatting like some crazy spartan warrior!

#8 Headphones  

Bose QC35

Nothing gets you fired up for a workout like some music blasting through your headphones! The Bose QC35 headphones are a great addition to your gym bag.  They are noise cancelling headphones that block out surrounding sound – allowing you to get pumped up and focused with minimal distractions.

#9 Gym Towel 

gym towel

There’s nothing worse than sweat pouring into your eyes or going to lift a new PB and your grip is all sweaty – pack a gym towel to prevent this from happening.

#10 Water 

water and weight training

I may be stating the obvious but i’m always amazed to see so many guys in the gym without a water bottle! There they are blasting out heavy weights, talking to their mates – but they barely drink any water! Dehydration is a huge detriment to performance. If you want to perform at your best always take a water bottle with you into the gym.

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