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The Ultimate Guide To Beating The Mid Gym Session Slump…

The Ultimate Guide To Beating The Mid Gym Session Slump

Even if you are the most enthusiastic gym bunny known to humankind, the chances are that you will suffer from the odd mid gym session slump…

You might be pumping some iron, going like the clappers on the rower, or trying to beat your 10k PB on the treadmill, when you are hit by the wall.

This metaphorical barrier can be a challenge to overcome when the lactic acid has built up in your calves, your breathing rate is becoming less controlled, and your head is beginning to feel a little light.

This tiredness, lethargy and discomfort is your body’s way of telling you to stop. And you should listen to your body.

However, as a fitness fanatic, you want to stop this mid gym session slump from occurring in the first place. To do this, you need to focus on your nutrition, the exercises you are partaking in, and the way you prepare for a gym session before you even set foot into the changing rooms.

Take a look at this guide to beating the mid gym session slump…


Before you begin any training session, whether you are going for a full on cardiovascular workout or whether you are looking for a more gentle toning up session, you need to ensure that your body is prepared for the coming onslaught.

You need to make sure that you stretch your muscles before launching yourself into a sprint or a heavy weight lifting routine. Your muscles could suffer from shock and easily pull or tear. Worse still, your tendons may suffer trauma which could result in you being on the sidelines for a little while.

While stretching can be a little time consuming, your muscles will be ready to undergo more exercise. Less lactic acid will build up, and you will be able to work for longer.

If your cardiovascular workout often results in you getting huffy and puffy too quickly, you need to consider building up slowly. The 0 to 5k program is an excellent way to interval train and can have you running for longer after eight weeks using a systematic approach to your breathing, muscles and endurance.


Have you ever been on an exercise bike, opting for the hilly program to find yourself struggling to make it through the full thirty minute plan?

This could be a simple case of not having the fuel to carry you through to the end of the session. Cycling is a high intensity workout that may require a little more fuel than water or an energy drink. You could consider a specialist cycling energy bar that you can take a nibble on every five minutes to give you sustenance at regular intervals throughout your workout.

This is the perfect way to feed your body the optimum levels of vitamins, minerals and salts that will give you the energy to power through any slump. Forget reaching for a chocolate bar straight after a workout and feed your body the necessary nutrients throughout your gym sessions.


Before heading to the gym, it’s important that you don’t have a full stomach. While it’s wise to be conditioned and prepared to work out, you shouldn’t carb load immediately before a session.

At the same time, an empty stomach with no nutrients whatsoever can result in dehydration, dizziness and fainting. It is difficult to find a balance, but a high protein snack can be the perfect slow release option to feed your energy needs. This means you may manage a couple more reps of bicep curls, an extra three hundred metres on the rower, or an extra five sit-ups on the floor.


If you tend to head to the gym alone, it might be a good idea to take along a pal. You’ll be surprised at how much a little bit of healthy competition can motivate you. Having someone gee you on from the sidelines, encouraging you and making you reach that extra thirty seconds of the plank can be invaluable. Sure, nutrition and physical needs are important, but mental fatigue and a lack of motivation can also play a part.

If you don’t have a gym friend, a personal trainer could be the perfect solution. These are professional motivators who can help get you fitter quicker.

A mid session slump can strike at any time. If you’ve recently been under the weather or haven’t hit the gym for a little while, they can be more common than you realise. However, if you are finding that metaphorical barrier a little too hard to overcome, follow this guide and beat your mid gym session slump.