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The Ultimate Secret To Fat Loss & Happiness…


The Ultimate Secret to Fatloss and a Happier, Healthier Life is Finally Revealed…

If I was to carefully place a large, creamy milk chocolate Thorntons Easter Egg on top of your lap right this second…


What would you do…

Leave it untouched?

Grab a bite?


Devour the entire thing?

Be honest.

I am extraordinarily fortunate to train many well-to-do people, from a wide variety of backgrounds : doctors, teachers, dentists, business owners, psychologists, to name just a few.

I have noticed 1 thing in common with all of the people who get amazing results, lead happier lives, and prosper in their careers.

They seem to succeed in pretty much any endeavour they undertake.

What do you think their secret is ?

I will give you 3 guesses…

  1. Hard work ?
  2. Consistency?
  3. Luck?

I can tell you all 3 of the above certainly play a huge role.

But the real secret remains untold…

Before I reveal The Ultimate Secret To Fat Loss & Happiness…

There is a famous psychology study involving Marshmallows.

It is called the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment.

Have you heard of it?

Basically . . . you have 10 minutes to devour as many soft, white and pink spongy sweet mellows as possible and then you have to run a marathon in under 1hr?



I am playing with you.

The real study involves a group of children and a marshmallow …

At the begging of the experiment each child was separately placed in a room alone with just 1 marshmallow. They were told that they could either a) eat the 1 marshmallow or b) wait 15 minutes and get 2!


It is a no brainer right?

Just wait 15 minutes and get 2!

That makes complete sense.

But Marshmallows to kids? I mean …

Pretty damnnn hard to resist right ?

Even as a fully grown adult with grey hair (ok not quite yet!) my mouth has been watering just writing about the bleeeeeeding pink and white squiggy tingssss!

Anyone know where I can get a marshmallow?

Okay Nick this is weird why are you telling us about kids and marshmallows?

What they found out in the experiments is that the children who managed to abstain and wait 15 minutes for the 2 marshmallows were much more successful in later life: financially, happier, had healthier relationships, prospering careers, etc.

Back to the secret …

The Ultimate Secret To Fat Loss & Happiness is…


That is the ABSOLUTE KEY and the the common trait I see amongst the people at LEP Fitness who achieve outstanding results.


We are faced with short term instant gratification schemes on a day to day basis.

Why work hard i.e. lift weights or go on a run when it makes us feel uncomfortable, makes us sweat, feel tired and takes valuable time! When we could unwrap a double decker or mars bar and only pay 49p?

Here is a look at how much pleasure can be derived from junk food …


Now why on earth would you pick a tree (broccoli – well . . . that is what I used to call it when I was a kid!) over a sugary, deliciously soft gooey jam donut which gives you 100% pleasure compared to that of dense, and bland piece of broccoli (just 10% pleasure).

It is a no brainer as to why the sugary snacks and fast food prevail in our society …

Because they make us feel euphoric!


High As A KIte!



The truth of the matter is that if you are unable to delay instants gratification you are never going to change your life or how your body looks!

It is just a fact of life.

Accept it.

I know because I have seen many fail and many succeed and the 1 thing that separates these people is their ability to look at the big picture.


Food for thought …

I will leave you with 2 questions …

1) What do you truly want from you life? (health, financially, relationships, etc)

2) Are you willing to make the necessary sacrifices and delay the short term satisfaction for long term betterment, strong character and inner strength?

I hope so.

If your looking for full support, guidance from somebody who truly cares give me a holla comrade.

I can design for you a fully customised meal plan, help you on a 1-1 basis or support you via our online training systems.

Muchos Love,



P.S. New website is being built. It is looking pretty cool so far and the site is completely built for you guys & gals to benefit!